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as elders at Grace Church.

The Book of Acts is the history of the early church.

Through these words, I believe God will strengthen the four elders of Grace Church and the future elders of Grace Church and us the congregation.

The Holy Spirit makes people over spears to protect that church that he bought with his blood, which means God is all in on this thing called the Church. The success of the church rests on God.

He gave everything for the sake of his church because the church is precious to him. And so we must protect what is most precious.

The church is made up of natural enemies. Have you thought about it? That way before the church is made up of natural enemies.

Now there's a reason why Paul is writing this letter to this church in court. This church is dysfunctional.

This is not just some bad seeds in the church. These are likely the wealthy people in the church. You see what Paul says? Verse twenty.

When the church comes together is about God that overflows toe. Others when the church comes together, were to be others minded in Christ. Friends.

Church isn't here yet. Just saying just wait. Unity in the church is more important than your hunger. Unity in the church is more important than your thirst.

How how they have experienced grace here at Grace Church.

This church as a reminder, is a church that is very life mensch ISS in their liberties. Ah, church. It is abusing their freedoms, that church that's causing others to stumble.

To see is they made famous in the way that the church relates to others, and that's going to involve food. It's not about the food, but the way the church relates to others.

And so there was a strong view in the church in the Corinthian church that said, You can't eat this meat.

Give no offense two Jews or two Greeks or to the Church of God. See that there I give no offence to Jews or Greeks or to the Church of God. Now Paul's gospel is offensive, right?

Separate many people from one another in the church and corns. It was a church of disorder. There are people who are running all over the place claiming spiritually experiences.

Some of them may be not legitimate, but the picture of what's happening in the church is it's a church that's out of control. It's a church that's causing problems.

Is the church that's being puffed up by what they're experiencing. It's a church that's interpreting mystical experiences as somehow being a sign of greater maturity.

Paul wants the church to know this church has also what a confusion about what the spirit does and how it works.

He he wants your gifts to be added to the church to bless the church. So appreciate the gifts you have. Appreciate the gifts you have. You have them for good God reasons.

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