“ adoration ”

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at the right time, with the right attitude for the right reasons glorifies God the right action, their actions that are immoral, their actions in a permissible or issues and drinking or shoes is not a moral

Customs and practices make their way into the church, some of them a moral not not related to morality. They're not good. They're not bad, some of them morals. Some of them have problems.

But sorry, it was just a boring game or robs the Robert. But your friend's not a Christian. I want you to come over and watch the game.

The principle that Paul is getting out is that women are adorned themselves in the local gathering. In a certain way, I feel like there's an ice cream truck that's driving by.

The principle that Paul is getting at here is that women are to adorn themselves in the local gathering in a certain way that makes them distinguish from men and honoring their authority where applicable

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