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Because in our day, in our age, in our place, the traditional and biblical understanding of gender as being binary, male and female based on body parts is a disappearing notion.

This a heavy dose of theology. You're about to take some theological medicine this morning. Here it is. Ah, heavy dose. I want youto understand, he says, that the head of every man is priced.

He's raising this theological ground. He's establishing this ground so that he can give practical instructions based on this theology to address a cultural issue.

theological point.

First, we honor this by holding fast to a biblical view of gender as male and female.

All things eating and drinking all things are theological things.

Theology leads to wrong practice, and sometimes wrong practices show that you have a wrong theology. And so these Corinthians they were failing to guard their unity. That's the key thing.

And by the way, if you took the biblical theology class, guess what's comin right here. Some biblical theology?

All things are theological things, right? All things show our hearts. Have we considered the body? Have you considered the body? Have you come to give rather than just to take?

It's a practical way to express deep theology. Wait for each other. So picture the food pictures of food.

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