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It's about the practices off the gathered church and how they've missed two treasuring of Christ in the gathering of their worship. They've missed Christ as the center of their worship.

When Jesus is not fully at the center, everything else gets off, kills her. Everything else gets skewed. Everything else goes off target when Jesus isn't fully at the center.

Others when the church comes together, were to be others minded in Christ. Friends.

This meal is about Christ who loves his body.

Remember, this is about remembering Christ. Christ. In all in all of life, everything about your life is tied up to Jesus seeking him. It's not about you. It's about him.

He's trying to say, Don't be you centered. But be God centered. We're going to see that the end of eleven verse one, he says, Be imitators of me as I am to take Christ.

Be God's standard still, that you could be other centered, Don't be used, entered, be God centered so you could be other centered. And that is the summary of the last few chapters of this book.

Let's pause and just ask, Are you God centered in such a way that makes you others centered? Are you God centered in such a way that makes you others centered friends?

and treasuring Christ.

in our lives being others centers.

We must see each other mature and Christ become more loving and more loving and more loving, more loving Just God is love. You get in. Christ fulfills all of those things.

So we're now we're going to the dean love like Christ following Christ being like Christ we proclaim and we talked about warning and teaching. There is a word element.

So approach Christ, I'm gonna stir up people toward love and good works.

, not by the fact they center don't send, but how they respond to send, and that's really important.

Center me justification to any justification. How is that going to come about? I work rich. Yes. Here. You're clear presentation.

But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ. The head of a wife is her husband. And the head of Christ is God.

The main issue in this passage centers around the custom of women's dress in the corporate gathering of worship, specifically with their head coverings as they pray, and as a prophecy, which just means

The authority of every man is Christ. The authority of the wife is her husband. And the authority of Christ is God.

He says, God, the father I had over Christ Christ had over man Adam.

Christ in his leadership.

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