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We, the American people, find our account running under day of the nineteenth century of the Christian era.

But what it seems like is that the average American Christian doesn't know much about God.

And it doesn't know much about God because the average American Christian doesn't seem to know much about the Bible.

And if we're trusting in this word, it will show itself in a life that's lived by the grace of the words. Here's his final words versus thirty three three thirty five, he says.

People on mission, people who deeply care about each other, protecting what is most precious to God, living out that gospel in community, powered by the spirit.

It says strong anything about sometimes because I don't know where Christians, by our love for child residing persons, could do nice things for. People are Christians.

They should know what Christians, by the way, we treat our fellow Christians. That should be the attraction. And honestly, you see this in some communities, right? You know what happened.

Do they live here in this way? Does review of God's glory No. You believe her down here. Start right there.

Just after the way I've evangelized no Christians, Christians aboutthe travel in the future. You are my life. Deciding this now is how I tried to be tight.

Get past like this whole Christian, Anything is not about me.

Christians come together because they have all been saved by Jesus Christ and owe him a common allegiance They are a band of natural enemies who love one another.

And this church and court is failing so miserably to know and treasure and live out the gospel.

When Christians won't eat together. It's a sign of broken community.

There can be serious consequences when we profess to be one, but then we live. Is it for many?

And if he says if you judge correctly, there is not a need for a judge you've discerned you've lived in accordance with your confession. You've repented. You've sought forgiveness.

Talking about Christian freedom are our blood bought liberty in Christ and some of the ways that Christians should think about using his or her freedoms.

This is the mark of a mature Christian.

I'm a Christian Christians don't eat cheese steaks, Paul would say, What are you doing in between bites of porterhouse shui? What are you doing?

Do your best to live out this thiss glorifying God in a way that doesn't provoke people unduly. Second, be strategic. It's not enough to say, Do I have the right to do this as a Christian?

Every moment you have is a strategic investment into the kingdom of God in the lives of those people around you. Your vocation is a way to glorify God.

Living sacrifices for you. So would you do that this morning? Got I'm asking for myself. I want a hunger Mohr for you, Lord, because of this words. So please got move in our midst this morning.

Coming from this text, the gifts of the spirit offer Christians on Lee. The gifts of the spirit are for Christians. On Lee, Paul begins verse one Now concerning spiritually gifts.

Why this is so important is the two sided tests, the two sided test for true spirituality of true Christian orthodoxy.

Every Christian is gifted by the spirit for the common good versus four through seven. Every Christian has gifted by the spirit for the common good.

The spiritual gifts topic in twelve to fourteen is not just him trying to give doctrine, he's trying to address their community, how they function together, how they live together.

We worship the one true living god and bring him glory. Each of us with our own distinctive Sze that is the big idea of what Paul is addressing.

You know, they have a union with each other in Christ, Paul says in Galatians three twenty eight that we who are Christians. We are now one in Christ. No Jew or Gentile, no male or female.

Not unless we lived in Scotland and he was wearing a kilt.

In a culture that rapidly denies this reality, all Christians who strive to bring glory to Christ and not shamed to Christ do so by appreciating and celebrating the unique differences engender gender is

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