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Not really growing, because it's shelter Church. There's a laser of across, you know, nobody's like carries my everyone, just honestly find another church, let people are serving.

But those that in all know there should be in you're thinking of other churches, So when we're looking out for each other, we need to be looking out for each other in the context of the church.

You have his claims of Christ and these new churches in the jungles, but you've actually made a new religion.

How Mohr of the gospel of presented a proclamation only outside the church and its spoken to each other inside a church with context. Relationship interesting about. They're so dense. Stands clear.

If there's a cost benefit, and as soon as somebody doesn't appreciate my service as soon as the church of the film I need that I'll go to another church that I would say there.

Remember, Paul planted this church in corns. He's their father in the faith. He taught them the gospel he taught them ecclesial ology, which is just the way that the church it works.

Whether in church or outside of church, they don't immediately think.

The church? Sure.

As the gospel goes out from the early church into new lands, it is not required to go out with all of its cultural packaging.

In essence, with different roles and purposes in marriage and in the church.

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