“ church-planting ”

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Remember, Paul planted this church in corns. He's their father in the faith. He taught them the gospel he taught them ecclesial ology, which is just the way that the church it works.

Whether in church or outside of church, they don't immediately think.

The church? Sure.

As the gospel goes out from the early church into new lands, it is not required to go out with all of its cultural packaging.

In essence, with different roles and purposes in marriage and in the church.

as elders at Grace Church.

The Book of Acts is the history of the early church.

One of the main leaders, the one who plants the church in F assists the one who raises up elders in emphasis.

The Holy Spirit makes people over spears to protect that church that he bought with his blood, which means God is all in on this thing called the Church. The success of the church rests on God.

Let's pray that as God adds Greg and John to join Jamie and I that he will bring bring up others behind us, Let's pray that God rises up church planters from within our body.

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