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On Ly Christ himself can fix the hearts of sinners who cares so little about each other that they would get drunk off the Lord's supper and notice that these words that we use so often to describe communion

It's oftentimes ripped out and talked about as communion as individual parts. No, no, no contexts. You cannot demonstrate you are one with the whole body when you simply take this individually.

So we're going to close by taking communion. I'm going to actually ask the those that are passing out the elements to come now and to distribute them and the band.

Don't just keep going Sunday by Sunday, taking communion while you're breaking fellowship with your fellow believer. Keep short accounts, go to the person, be humble, seek unity.

Let's pray, Let's take communion together.

But it's confessed our selfishness to you as we take this communion and a follow after Christ and his name will pray. Amen.

This time of communion is really a time of repentance and faith and assurance. Give those three things to us now in Jesus name. Amen.

So that his church would be protected and his glory would be bent, meant made manifest as we come to communion now, this morning we rally around the body and the blood of Jesus as his people.

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