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It's a sign of broken community.

We have bigger meals that community groups and on certain Sundays.

It is so key to the whole study, because if you remember that going back to Chapter eleven when he talks about head coverings, that is really an issue about the community.

Now some are coming and getting drunk and filling up and leaving those who don't have anything to bring that there's this disparity, and it's affecting the community.

The spiritual gifts topic in twelve to fourteen is not just him trying to give doctrine, he's trying to address their community, how they function together, how they live together.

It's meant to be displayed in seen and felt through the horizontal of how the church interacts with the church itself and with her neighbors in the community and anyone you have a relationship with.

We have community groups with studies was kind of thing, so that when you're urged this way to be together, it's easier, that's it.

And honestly, you see this in some communities, right? You know what happened. Mormon town. Does God take care of this morning? We're Amish.

Sure, wherever they part of a community and communities need to be a little bar right there's a community knows people photographed the national bee attractiveness to the outside.

I say, Well, the interesting things about is the enforcement community criticize each other.

But this is a picture of what gospel community looks like.

People on mission, people who deeply care about each other, protecting what is most precious to God, living out that gospel in community, powered by the spirit.

And in truth, that is compelling community that is going to draw people's attention far more than a great band was far more than any light show would far more than any big, huge mega event would.

Compelling community draws people's attention to the glory of God, and we believe God is using, and we'll continue to use the compelling community here at Grace, along with the other sister churches in

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