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And then on the other side, he's saying, If you haven't been given the Holy Spirit, then you can't confess Jesus as Lord, because that revelation on Lee comes by the spirit.

When Nicodemus goes to Jesus that night, you can on ly confess, Jesus has Lord by the spirit. Now, don't get cute here.

And if you have the spear by God's grace, you will confess it. That's what he's saying. This is the litmus test for the deepest conviction in your heart. Is Jesus really the lord of your life?

Says one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. What Jesus is, Lord. So it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. Will it happen in judgment or will happen in salvation?

And if he says if you judge correctly, there is not a need for a judge you've discerned you've lived in accordance with your confession. You've repented. You've sought forgiveness.

You people talk about the food, the bread of life, the food that never ends, the food, the hunger that only God can confess.

Now, let us confess our sins. But it's confessed our selfishness to you as we take this communion and a follow after Christ and his name will pray. Amen.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope. Just consider it starting with another love in words. And in light of what you've just done, in fact, that it matters.

Confess, confess, Repent. This is an act of worship is what we're talking about here. All right, So now the next thing I'll do is I'll introduce you to I think this is on the top of your sheep here.

If I judge that I'm the same Andrew, you're here, you'll never get out of there unless he confesses that's not very loving. Might be headstrong. Might might be there, but I'm not.

And it's not like in their confession they won't say, Well, my new doctrinal statement is this, but they start to slide away from Jesus at the centre and slide away from the implications of that gospel

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