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They're going to be appointed as elders of this body. You want to be here for that to not only support them and encourage them, but to be a part of that and participate in that.

The Passover meal is when the elders of Israel eat with God on the mountain. In Exodus twenty four, Isaiah promises a messianic banquet of rich foods that will never end.

I thought we should pause this morning and linger on this reality of elder ship and the church and why God wants his church to have God Lee wise elders.

Through these words, I believe God will strengthen the four elders of Grace Church and the future elders of Grace Church and us the congregation.

Or what about the elders? I thought these were the elders. He gathers the elders universe seventeen and called the elders of the church. But now here their overseers. And what about the pastors?

It's especially dangerous when the elder pastor overseers begin to believe that about themselves.

We should, as elder overseer pastors never be so haughty that we forget our need for the Gospel.

And then, after the sermons, Air Donner, you know, as as the week goes on than E mail those to me or E mail those toe one of the elders and we will try our best to make sure we can make clear as many of

Women conserve in all areas of the church except one, and we have to go to the other text to talk about that, and that's the role of the elder in every other role in every other way.

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