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But the supper for now points us forward to the end of the story. Tim Chester, author of the book A Meal for Jesus, captures the significance of food and the gospel.

In Exodus twenty four, Isaiah promises a messianic banquet of rich foods that will never end.

The Last Supper looks forward to the time when Jesus will eat with his disciples in the Kingdom of God.

And the Bible story ends with a meal as we celebrate the wedding supper of the lamb and Revelation nineteen. A meal in the presence of God is the goal of salvation.

I'm trying to correct something that I hear all the time. It's not a warning to keep sinners away from the tables.

And I'm like, It's the claw of time telling you it is a great gift. All of y'all should buy one and get one. Yeah, but just not for Mother's Day.

My hope is at the end of Chapter fourteen as we start our march towards Easter, Chapter fifteen and the glory of the Resurrection, that we would have this great gospel understanding of what it means tohave

It just means end times end time manifestation.

How much time in your life do you spend wishing you were someone else? You were taller. You're prettier. You were skinnier. He were this. You were that. How much time do you spend your life thinking?

He gives these gifts individually as he wills, So don't picture This is like Santa Claus and like he's just Christmas time. He's got all of these toys to deliver.

And then, finally we toiled to this end, struggling to this thing. It's hard not to be a little piggy is the point.

I've liked on Page forty four, he kind of ended this this chapter, probably, but lovely set.

You know what is likely others now, as I tried to leave time Holmes time Bombs of grace the way it was in the context of that work to present people on the last day.

And that's a very real temptation time and time and time. And you don't have to put their time and let's get some food that that that's the significance of that is doing it before God.

Then violinists, Mrs Lots of times, your characterizes spiritually You gonna spiritually lots of time with your spiritual parent You're gonna act like you're young.

And now here, at the back end of the Book of Acts, Paul was one of the main figures of the Book of Acts.

And they don't have face time. You know, our zoom or Skype or whatever. This is it. This is the final time, they're going to lay eyes on each other.

And sadly, my friends, this prophetic word in acts Chapter twenty has been confirmed to many times since the days of Paul.

Your inheritance is being held in a trust account at the end of your life. And if you persevere by God's grace to the very end you will be given this beautiful inheritance has promised inheritance.

God bring revival in this time. We can't do it. God can do it. God has done it. May God do it again.

And as Paul comes to the end of this section in Chapter ten and really, you were preaching this section by section.

So right action the right time, The right time glorifies God. If you have to steal that or choose to get it, it's not the right time. It doesn't glorify God.

Then it's the right time. The right attitude glorifies God.

We're going to see that the end of eleven verse one, he says, Be imitators of me as I am to take Christ.

Let let every time you straighten your tie and go into that meeting.

That's not even considering the cultural air we are breathing in this time and place as we come to this text.

If you interpret it as source, you have a problem when you get to the end of that sentence. And the source of Christ is God. Wait a minute. Christ eternal It's was never created.

If that's true, women broadly, if that's true in the most literal sense than it would imply that all men of all time have authority over all women of all time.

I think seven different commentaries on this section, and every one of them said In the end, nobody really knows. There's just not enough data that's here.

This time of communion is really a time of repentance and faith and assurance. Give those three things to us now in Jesus name. Amen.

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