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The issue in this text is context, because Paul's call to glorify God in this text is actually not so much about the food itself or the heartfelt worship that you should feel with every gulp of Dr Pepper

If you claim the name of Christ and you say I've been a Christian for twenty five years in your life, still revolves mostly around you, and people interact with you and they feel your love for you instead

Does making up rules as you go to feel superior to others or breaking rules as you go to keep you from having to submit? That's one of two sides. We fall off. We make up rules.

Legalism and rituals and traditions that you feel like you must keep, even though God doesn't say, you must keep it.

I get how hard this is for us to feel and understand. I get it. We don't have the same cultural symbols. Same article I read by by wing group. And he said, when people see a woman wearing a half.

But now if a guy walks into church wearing a full on dress or skirt with high heels, we would feel the cultural tension, would we? Not unless we lived in Scotland and he was wearing a kilt.

In a certain way, I feel like there's an ice cream truck that's driving by. There's an ice cream truck here. I want ice cream. If there is by anyone, somebody bring it up.

So if you feel Frito, you know, Head nod, cheer me on. Amen. Whatever. If you think things are good here, so or if not, then I guess I'm just gonna go home and hang my head. No, I'm just kidding.

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