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This is true in all of life, especially true on Sundays, the day of the week, when the whole church gathers together for prayer and worship, and teaching and fellowship over the Lord's supper, when the

Peter had broken off table fellowship with the Gentiles. He wouldn't eat with them anymore. He separated. Paul says wrong.

Are they cut off from fellowship with you? By the way that you go about your life and let's not just for the sake of application. Let's not just limit this toe food. Let zoom out for a moment.

Don't just keep going Sunday by Sunday, taking communion while you're breaking fellowship with your fellow believer. Keep short accounts, go to the person, be humble, seek unity.

We believe that our sin has broken that fellowship with God that we were designed for. We believe that we have provoked his wrath and his judgment by arson. We believe that we deserve his wrath.

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