“ godliness ”

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You cannot curse Jesus by that spirit because the spirit of God is the spirit of Christ. It's not possible.

But here he's establishing for the Corinthians, who have been just so confused about what's going on that these gifts are really they do come from God and they are good because God gives them and God is

God is the giver of the gifts. God is the distributor. God is the empower God stands behind all the diversity of the gifts to make the church into a beautiful collage that it can't be.

God is sovereign in the giving of his gifts. Four to one is given through the spirit, then looking.

for those in the room who don't know Christ or won't won't follow him that she would open their eyes, they would turn and they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, do their faith in you and and God, I

If you take a bar of gold and a bar of aluminum and you put them on a scale, the gold is going to drop it fast because it's wait a year. It's heavier now. This's metaphoric.

That word gratefully shared in by those who believe notice that words and know the truth for everything created by God is good and nothing is to be rejected.

Toe Christ and what he's addressing here, and what God is concerned with is to see his name glorified, to see his name honored to see his name. Wait E.

We're looking at this text, try to understand what it means and realising that this drives us to certain actions were to seek the glory of God by speaking the good off our neighbors.

Third and last be worshipful, be worshipful, seek to glorify God by being an imitator of Christ. Christ did not seek his own good, but sought the good of his neighbor.

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