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This is the mark of a mature Christian.

You're not a mature Christian. You haven't really grown in the Lords.

It's also the mark of a mature church that the members of the church would get outside of themselves and be captivated with the glory of of God and Jesus Christ and find their joy and fullness and knowing

Ah, good, healthy, mature, godly conscience should be shaped and conformed to what the word of God says, so that whatever is actually true comes to your conscience and you act out of that and you can have

We're collages last, and we proclaim or warning everyone, we're teaching everyone with all business that we made present everyone mature Christ.

Your disciple on the side and you have to value maturity in Christ. Credible because wear this, he presented mature. Okay, so let's go. So here's what? I'm not gonna try. Toe recap. What?

So as we mature, it doesn't mean that we hit every jazz Mel's, and we embrace the opportunity to work. That would be a a young believer type of danger.

We're talking about our own path toward maturity. We need to look through the lands of all three of these things and how they work together.

If we do not do that, and what we will do is, we will say that a mature disciple is somebody who understands. There's a lot of knowledge, right?

It's a church that's interpreting mystical experiences as somehow being a sign of greater maturity. So if these things are happening to you, you must be like Super Christian person.

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