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Remembering that for three years I did not see Snyder day to admonish everyone with tears.

I find it ironic that when you move into a new house and a new neighborhood, you will find your doorstep littered with flyers from all sorts of security companies who want youto protect what is now precious

This brand new house and even inside our house, we put our personal valuables and jewelry and those kind of things in places that we find a safe.

I'm telling you after whatever, I don't know how many years I've been a pastor now.

Let's pray that God gives us new ministries to start, not because they're novel ideas, but because they're helpful for the body.

Finish up her degree, and she's within a year of finishing her degree. And she's taking it world geography class.

Chapter eleven is the most difficult passage in the entire book, and it is one of the most difficult passages to interpret in the entire New Testament.

Like if you ever saw the Siri's lost a few years ago, like a decade ago, and it opened up like a thousand rabbit trails. And you're like, Okay, the final episode is going to pull it all together.

Ruth yesterday said, depending on where the sermon goes, I've designed a new Bolton that you can turn it over and got fold lines on it, and you could good manufacturer and put it on your head.

As the gospel goes out from the early church into new lands, it is not required to go out with all of its cultural packaging.

I just wanted to assume that there's a little building years old told thanks. Not really growing, because it's shelter Church.

Now we have a new identity, so we're gonna pursue, just like he pursues is called love. And we're we're gonna observe those commands.

So, like you, exit is twenty years attaining manners, he says. I'm working out, right? I rescue you. Now you will.

So you have somebody in church for thirty years, has a lot of knowledge into a lot of Bible studies, but they are not mature. Christ or say, Why don't we all know how understanding I love God?

You have his claims of Christ and these new churches in the jungles, but you've actually made a new religion.

If you take a bar of gold and a bar of aluminum and you put them on a scale, the gold is going to drop it fast because it's wait a year. It's heavier now. This's metaphoric.

If you claim the name of Christ and you say I've been a Christian for twenty five years in your life, still revolves mostly around you, and people interact with you and they feel your love for you instead

Your friend invites you over to watch what could have been the worst Super Bowl in the last ten years unless you're Keith robbers. But sorry, it was just a boring game or robs the Robert.

Listen, for those who are parents with children, young and old, every new day of parenting is a strategic investment in the kingdom of God in the lives of these little or not so little children.

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