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A teacher lovingly and patiently instructs her students to the glory of her parents, who taught her how to trust God and how to instruct others as she does this.

Listen, for those who are parents with children, young and old, every new day of parenting is a strategic investment in the kingdom of God in the lives of these little or not so little children.

So don't just think I got a parent my kids again and they're frustrated me. Kids don't think about that, but your parents are my parents of frustrated.

So you need people to come alongside and then any opportunity in opportunities, then the last one this will call spiritually parents.

Now spiritually parents instead of spiritually built because the whole idea here is a spurt.

Spiritual parent births here, disciples who make disciples spiritual parent is a mature person who is living, is sold out all for the glory of God. That's why they exist spiritually.

Parent is intentional about this discipleship process and moving people from the right to the left because that is what it looks like.

It could be that depressed so spiritually parent understands their identity in Christ and then trains. Others have the same.

Because we protect what is most precious to us parents. You make your kids I hope where their seat belts in the cars. Sometimes I look back and I'm like, What are you doing?

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