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Bye, pastoring, which is what the word pastor means, shepherding them, pastoring them toward Jesus. So elder pastor, overseer are all the same person.

It's especially dangerous when the elder pastor overseers begin to believe that about themselves.

We should, as elder overseer pastors never be so haughty that we forget our need for the Gospel.

I'm telling you after whatever, I don't know how many years I've been a pastor now.

Third, take seriously the role of pastoral authority in the church. When pastors lied for the good of the flock. It is a blessing. We want to do that. Pray for us to do that.

Don Carson, Pastor, author founder of the Gospel Coalition Rights This. The church is made up of natural enemies. Have you thought about it? That way before the church is made up of natural enemies.

Don't get seconds until you ask Pastor Chris. Problem solved, right? Look, no short sermon today. Have room. Gets to go home. That's the application. Just don't get second sex Sunday. No, not quite.

We would love to get to know you more on one of the ways that we've designed to do that is through a coffee with pastors Night tonight at six.

He's a pastor and a commentator, and he wrote in today's church, there are two types of people publically legalistic people who are privately licentious and publicly aesthetic. Folks.

This is the culture that were in, and these are the struggles that we face, and I am sympathetic as a pastor to the struggle that sin creates for every human being, especially in and even in these kinds

Seriously, could you have just thought about the pastor's They're going to come behind you and just write this a little bit less like a game. So covers her head physically with a veil or a shawl.

Not just you know, not just Pastor Chris with his gripping, glad grab claw hab front. He works through the body, the whole body in many, many, many different ways. Variety, variety, variety.

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