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If you haven't been keeping up with the Corinthian Siri's go back and read from at least Chapter eight. Maybe even Chapter six. Go back and read the whole book for the whole context.

If you could read that along with me, as he sums up all that he's been trying to say when he says this inverse thirty one, one of the most famous verses in the Bible.

So read along with me first twenty three. We'll see what Paul's addressing here. All things are lawful. That's in quotes.

If God hasn't declared something off limits and I get this from verse twenty five, read that with me, he says to them.

I read this book last month called Gaining by Losing quoted it once or twice. JD Greer and Hero has a kind of spin off of this verse.

Your mind rolling around this topic of discipleship, even if include reading. Obviously, I'm thinking in terms of of sessions, but angry is good as well Were you there last week?

That's real love. And that's called insurance. Okay, so we talked about making disciples. We want to see others.

So So let's just talk about this real quick. I've liked on Page forty four, he kind of ended this this chapter, probably, but lovely set.

So read reading the tap into perversity that you may prove what the will of God is good and acceptable. So there's a will of God. There's something for me to obey and follow.

Because I have been transferred, the intimate been reading, but transforming of my mind, still thinking in terms of selfish good.

I actually want to read to the end of the chapter. I'm going to read this passage out loud, and then we will begin to explain why we're in this passage this morning.

So we're in acts twenty, twenty five to thirty eight, and I just sort of read this tax. If you've never read the Bible before, you have probably no idea what's happening.

As you read these words, God would sober you and strengthen you with the responsibility it is to be shepherded to be in a church.

Read again with me. Verse twenty eight, Paul writes. Pay careful attention to yourselves.

We believe that an understanding of this gospel empowered by the spirit, is the source for real change in the heart.

This horizontal dysfunction read along with me, he says. But in the following instructions, I do not commend you because when you come together, it is not for the better, but for the worst.

I'm not going to keep reading. But just think about this. His initial sentences, it would be better if you weren't gathering now. I just said he's going to help them, right?

The word promises us really hands really feet riel nails a real spear in his side. Riel, blood rial death for very really sins. Without a real death of a sacrificial offering.

So would you please follow along with me as I read now? Chapter twelve, verse one, Paul, right. Now concerning spiritually gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed.

Give us the spirit that we read about here. Give us that spirit's power this morning to understand what this word means and to love it.

In fact, everything we read over the next three chapters, Chapter twelve, thirteen and fourteen, is meant to inform them and us on what thes spiritually things are.

However, your lead putting your hope and putting your you're you're trusting them as if they have real power. Same thing we do. We we might not have a statue. You know.

I just read the actual texts he gives us. He gives the gifts from the one spirit diversely each one individually as he wills it's God wills who will as you will as I will know as God wills.

I also believe that because I keep reading the text. So let's read together and Paul begins to tease out this practice and you're going to start to see something's come clear here.

Same article I read by by wing group. And he said, when people see a woman wearing a half. Whether in church or outside of church, they don't immediately think.

But that is not how the creation account reads. It is God who says it is not good for a man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.

And we know this here because not Paul begins to anticipate what happens if you do that versus eleven twelve this's for the misogynous who are reading this who inverse elevenses.

I read. I think seven different commentaries on this section, and every one of them said In the end, nobody really knows. There's just not enough data that's here.

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