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This time of communion is really a time of repentance and faith and assurance. Give those three things to us now in Jesus name. Amen.

We repent because of grace and we believe God's grace is our second thing. We remember and we hope we hope in the future. It says here that there's a future grace in this upper too.

You've repented. You've sought forgiveness. He brought that you've brought reconciliation as faras. It depends on you. Either you do that or God will bring judgment to you.

But where do we need to repent to make things right? Maybe there's a relationship in the body that you need to repair to make things right.

Then we get to this point because we're believers, we see ourselves and we, Confessor said, and we repent of our sins.

So then I become God works through repentance. That's what we're not just in general. So as we mature, it doesn't mean that we hit every jazz Mel's, and we embrace the opportunity to work.

Confess, confess, Repent. This is an act of worship is what we're talking about here. All right, So now the next thing I'll do is I'll introduce you to I think this is on the top of your sheep here.

If you've been joined to Christ by repentance and faith, can I get a amen from the congregation? So's Alice was God for the glories redemption of the church, that he didn't leave it to chance.

Help us to repent from our sins so that we can receive your grace and be effective in ministry for your glory. Amen.

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