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Living sacrifices for you. So would you do that this morning? Got I'm asking for myself. I want a hunger Mohr for you, Lord, because of this words. So please got move in our midst this morning.

Stress on self sacrifice for the well being of the other. So you know you have those moment mints in life for you, like I just need a word.

The cross, which Jesus is going to the very next day, interprets this bread and this cop as a sacrifice Jesus, his body, Jesus, his blood.

All of the Old Testament sacrifices taught that. And then he brews nine twenty seven says this. Without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness of sin.

So if you treasure that your sins, which are many, haven't washed away in the blood of Christ through his sacrifice, this bread and this cop is a reminder of that.

But if someone says to you this has been offered in sacrifice, then do not eat it for the sake of the one who informed you and for the sake of conscience, I do not mean your conscience but is for why should

The church is in the middle of this pagan temple worship system, and this system involved animal sacrifices.

And you have these sacrifices and animals would be killed. And then the meat would be prepared and served and sold. It would be it would be a delicacy to be a place you'd go for date night.

If you eat this meat that sacrifice to a pagan god, then you're somehow, you know, complicity in this pagan worship. You're you're participating in it. You're endorsing this false worship.

This has been offered in sacrifice, right? Like it conveys way, might not be able to do this because somebody else's conscience is weak and thinks that that's wrong.

So therefore, brothers, since we have confidence in the holy places, quiet lefties refuses, or I freeze to make sacrifice for us one for also, we're saved. We're Christians that's been established.

I urge you, therefore, brethren, by diversities of God, to present your bodies, giving a holy sacrifice acceptable to God. Spirit of service of worship.

If I understand his mercies that I have a reasonable response to what offer my body is a living sacrifice that's holy and pleasing God, there's worship there. Wow.

And I want Christ to get all that his blood bought sacrifice has purchased. I want him to get every drop of glory that his built blood earned.

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