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This is one of the few places in the Scriptures that Paul gives a list of gifts. You see this here you see the Romans twelve Ephesians for eleven, first Peter for eleven.

Clearly, in the Gospel, a message of knowledge would seem to be a message marked by theological understanding, including understanding based on spirit inspired study of Scripture.

So so I thought that that was going to be the hardest problem to solve this week until I opened up the Scripture to study our passage for this week. And then I was like, terror.

His wife is not Christ like or godlike and cannot be supported by the Scripture. This passage is merely asserting the reality ofthe headship.

And there's nothing else in all of Scripture that would back that up. And there are plenty of places that contradict that Deborah from the Book of Judges is sort of low hanging fruit on this one.

Not every word in the Scripture is written with the intention to be taken flat literally.

So all of the cultural topics address in Scripture, like greet one another with a holy kiss and foot washings and head coverings. Etcetera.

So when we're spending Scripture, we always want to go. We go. We all stop context, right? We got this indicated. What does? But there's something that indicates that we should do something.

There's a framework it's are laid down from literally two thousand faces Scripture. So, Reese, I figured out me together, do these things to your address.

I think one of the things that are missing in our Christian culture is a biblical understanding, Biblical understanding of the suffering throughout Scripture and how God uses that's these things right

The proclamation all and might surprise you in Scripture. How Mohr of the gospel of presented a proclamation only outside the church and its spoken to each other inside a church with context.

And as we read that Scripture, let me just tell you what's happening. This is a very solemn scene. The Book of Acts is the history of the early church.

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