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And this was a way of using food for selfish pride that divided the church into the haves. And they have not. And Paul says in verse twenty two, What?

Eat and drink in selfishly by yourself if you want. If you want to be self absorbed and puffed up, you can do that on your own time.

If you just take the bread and the cup religiously, you know thinking about it, or if you take it selfishly, like they're doing here and they're eating ahead and they're getting drunk.

If this if this meal is like everything else in your life and it's selfish, you're not taking the Lord's supper. This meal is about Christ who loves his body.

The question is, where are we going ahead with our selfish, self focused ambitions rather than putting each other as more important than ourselves?

And that is not a selfish prayer. God, it's a prayer for your glory. But it requires Lord us being in Christ. And I am grateful that this morning we have many in this room who know and trust Jesus.

But it's confessed our selfishness to you as we take this communion and a follow after Christ and his name will pray. Amen.

Because I have been transferred, the intimate been reading, but transforming of my mind, still thinking in terms of selfish good.

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