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No one's here yet, and they have this little group of people that get there and they start eating and stuffing their faces, their refilling their glass of wine again and again.

And they're getting drunk at the table with their small little clique of friends, while the others aren't even there yet.

Following the practice off hosting festive gatherings and ancient Corinth, they would have quickly filled the small private dining room late comers.

And if you think this is a small deal in the sight of God, then think again Because he says of this, this division in verse thirty.

We have bigger meals that community groups and on certain Sundays.

Same article I read by by wing group. And he said, when people see a woman wearing a half. Whether in church or outside of church, they don't immediately think.

The Bible affirms that women can pray in prophecy, and women can study the word and teach other women with skill and precision, which prey for the small group of ladies.

You were made to do all to the glory of God and not just the big things, not just be the skyscraper moments in your life but in the small and ordinary things of life, like eating pizza, drinking sparkling

The word to both groups is the same. Let no one speak his own good.

We have community groups with studies was kind of thing, so that when you're urged this way to be together, it's easier, that's it.

Yeah, so that's just like, obviously a small knot on this whole process, and I want you to see it in every garden all right. We're going to say something. Yeah, they are.

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