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So we are. We are now taking who God is as he pursues us and love this thing called Grace. God is love, and he's pursuing us. And now we are.

So we need to be thanking, considering how I might her each other on for what? Love and good works. That sounds very Christian. Where do you think that means?

So we should be thinking in terms of those jobs, that's the framework, the structure that Charles was pointing to. Yeah, so we should spur each other up in love.

What loving versus so we can evaluate what we're doing. That's us.

So we don't want to fall in the ditch, so we want to go down this pathway without doing any of this stuff. So some people are just doers, right? Just by nature.

And so we must protect what is most precious. Oh, I just thought of a few application points that I think can help us first. It's like, if all this is true, then So what?

And so we don't need to atone anymore. Brothers and sisters, Wait. This is the status symbol. This is the seat of honor to be at the table with Jesus.

So we remember and we examine. If you're unwilling to do that, ask yourself, How big is your gospel? Third we receive, we received. We received vertical grace from God.

And so we, you know, tossem head shakes like, What are you talking about? Well, it's going to get worse for you here in just a moment, eh?

So we decided not to give gifts this year and instead just, you know, just get cards and whatnot. Saturday night, the night before Mother's Day, the doorbell rings were also at the kitchen table.

So we receive it with thanks with gratitude, and we respond with Thanksgiving. The other way is to drink lovingly.

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