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We'll talk about that, but that kind of introduced the last couple times. We'll talk about a little bit more if I could manage time halfway decent. Don't be a way that Cassie. Wait.

So we're gonna talk about that typing more next week because we're gonna talk about how the cycle ship is done in the context of God's people call the church. And I said we'll talk about that.

What are you talking about previously? Just go. Go. Big picture for me.

We're talking. We're talking about this trajectory, but that's what we're talking. I forgive you ultimately, because Christ forgave me. Hebrews ten right before twenty four.

And so she's talking. She talks to us about our half about what God's doing in her life, right, but still about what Guy's doing in her life. But at that point, I say, Now watch what's gonna happen.

If you remember earlier in the book and Chapter five, he's talking about disciplining a member who of the church who is persisting and sin and he tells them, I don't even eat with such a one so that that's

It's oftentimes ripped out and talked about as communion as individual parts. No, no, no contexts. You cannot demonstrate you are one with the whole body when you simply take this individually.

Who did you talk to this morning? Who did you avoid this morning? Where did you serve this morning? Where did you choose to sit this morning? Where did you choose? Toe Park your car this morning.

This week I was talking with my wife, who is going back to school, too. Finish up her degree, and she's within a year of finishing her degree. And she's taking it world geography class.

Specifically, he talks about the way the way the gospel effects male and female roles and expectations in the body of Christ.

Is he talking here about women? Or is he talking here about wives? Because the same word in the Greek for women and for wives his Doon A It's the same Greek word it's used for both.

So he was talking about hair and this culture men. I had short hair, women had long hair. He also goes on a versus thirteen to sixteen.

This idea of glory we've been talking about do all to the glory of God. That was the very last passage.

Talking about Christian freedom are our blood bought liberty in Christ and some of the ways that Christians should think about using his or her freedoms.

You people talk about the food, the bread of life, the food that never ends, the food, the hunger that only God can confess.

I'm not talking here about discernment. There's lots of other factors that go into making decisions, right.

I'm not talking about that. Talking about this principle of, like, Freedom point to God glorifying neighborly Principal, too, is serve others with your everyday choices.

Talks about his gospel is a stumbling block to the Jews, and it trips. They trip over into the Gentiles. It's folly. So he's not talking about his message. He's talking about his personhood.

And so we, you know, tossem head shakes like, What are you talking about? Well, it's going to get worse for you here in just a moment, eh?

He's talking about about their idol worship, this fake worship. It's fake news about fake gods. And he's saying, You're running off after these things that aren't really in all different directions.

The season at a different context, then just talking about spiritual gifts and who does this and who does that?

It is so key to the whole study, because if you remember that going back to Chapter eleven when he talks about head coverings, that is really an issue about the community.

And then he talks about the Lord's supper.

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