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He eats with the tax collectors and with the prostitutes he goes into. The key is his house, he says. Have me over for a meal.

So we're in acts twenty, twenty five to thirty eight, and I just sort of read this tax. If you've never read the Bible before, you have probably no idea what's happening.

I hope one of the results off this tax for you is that you come to see the church as something magnificent in God's sight. So how do elder pastor overseers protect the flock?

Well, first, from this tax we see the overseers stand guard over their own souls. He says to them, Pay careful attention. Verse twenty eight two yourselves, yourselves.

god, given confidence in his saving power and presence, informed by the knowledge that he is now acting to sanctify his name in the eyes of all the nations, The gift of healing, which actually, in this taxes

That's the clear implication in this tax that the conscience of the people around us should matter to our decisions. John Bloom, who is thie.

And that's just dealing with the tax. That's not even considering the cultural air we are breathing in this time and place as we come to this text.

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