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How they take that gospel is a faithful presence and spread the joy of treasuring Christ in all of life, starting in Jerusalem to Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the Earth.

So for his glory, the church is indisputably the greatest treasure of God outside of himself.

Never all the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined with all the treasure of the earth our own accepted in their military chest with about a part for a commander could not by force take a drink from

And we believe that we showcase the gospel in our relationships, work, play rest as we treasure Christ in all of life.

It makes us treasure you all the more. We're having this conversation this morning because of what you've done for us.

Third, we honor the roles of husband and wife as being interdependent, with the husband as the head, toe love and lead his wife into a greater joy in Christ and for the wife to help her husband treasure

Interdependent husband is head, toe, love and lead his wife into a greater joy in Christ and for the wife to help her husband treasure Christ in his leadership.

It's about the practices off the gathered church and how they've missed two treasuring of Christ in the gathering of their worship. They've missed Christ as the center of their worship.

And this church and court is failing so miserably to know and treasure and live out the gospel.

And as we begin with a call to worship that we begin to sing and treasure price through song and in the spirit.

So if you treasure that your sins, which are many, haven't washed away in the blood of Christ through his sacrifice, this bread and this cop is a reminder of that.

Dare I even say you will be treasuring Christ in all of life?

the mark of a mature church that the members of the church would get outside of themselves and be captivated with the glory of of God and Jesus Christ and find their joy and fullness and knowing and treasuring

Will this help my fellow human being treasure Christ Mohr Paul goes on to say, just as I try to please everyone in everything I do.

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