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Your inheritance is being held in a trust account at the end of your life. And if you persevere by God's grace to the very end you will be given this beautiful inheritance has promised inheritance.

And if we're trusting in this word, it will show itself in a life that's lived by the grace of the words. Here's his final words versus thirty three three thirty five, he says.

You can trust their doctrine. Third, take seriously the role of pastoral authority in the church. When pastors lied for the good of the flock. It is a blessing. We want to do that.

However, your lead putting your hope and putting your you're you're trusting them as if they have real power. Same thing we do. We we might not have a statue. You know.

And I am grateful that this morning we have many in this room who know and trust Jesus.

A teacher lovingly and patiently instructs her students to the glory of her parents, who taught her how to trust God and how to instruct others as she does this.

We're going to go to the simian trust to be equipped to come and teach in this body to our to our ladies. Women can sing and lead in singing.

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