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The issue in this text is context, because Paul's call to glorify God in this text is actually not so much about the food itself or the heartfelt worship that you should feel with every gulp of Dr Pepper

Paul has said in chapter eight that there's a pagan temple worship. The church is in the middle of this pagan temple worship system, and this system involved animal sacrifices.

If you eat this meat that sacrifice to a pagan god, then you're somehow, you know, complicity in this pagan worship. You're you're participating in it. You're endorsing this false worship.

Third and last be worshipful, be worshipful, seek to glorify God by being an imitator of Christ. Christ did not seek his own good, but sought the good of his neighbor.

And we all worship looking up to Jesus. No one better, no one worse than each other, all in desperate need of God's grace.

It's about the practices off the gathered church and how they've missed two treasuring of Christ in the gathering of their worship. They've missed Christ as the center of their worship.

This is true in all of life, especially true on Sundays, the day of the week, when the whole church gathers together for prayer and worship, and teaching and fellowship over the Lord's supper, when the

And as we begin with a call to worship that we begin to sing and treasure price through song and in the spirit.

That's an opportunity for us either to obey, worship God or being tempted to sin and worship ourself for the views are what we're coming today.

I'm gonna worship me my desires. Thank you. And whatever the king desires, he deserves so better demand. And let's talk about that more. That's the idea.

What doesn't know is that when we sin our loop of worship is smaller because we catch yourself self worship. Being a waiter, you bet.

Spirit of service of worship. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

So the heart, then the worship there is going to be an expanding of the shift from it's all about me toe where it's all about. God. So we called fear God.

God's burning passion is to redeem a people and transform them people like us, into his holy image for his eternal worship. And he's doing that with people like us. That's the church that's you.

Women are created women, and that is good in the worship of God. Men shouldn't act like women, and women shouldn't act like men.

We worship the one true living god and bring him glory. Each of us with our own distinctive Sze that is the big idea of what Paul is addressing.

It exists, and he's making a point about its existence and why that matters and gathered worship. It matters. It has bearing on corporate life together in Christ.

Could it be that the Angels are watching the public worship of the church? We know that the Angels peer down on DH. They're looking into the things of salvation.

Could it be that angels are assisting the church in their worship? Could it be that the word angel here, which also could be translated? Messenger, You see that in the book of Revelation?

He's talking about about their idol worship, this fake worship. It's fake news about fake gods. And he's saying, You're running off after these things that aren't really in all different directions.

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