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All right, So listen, let's dive right in and you shoot off day handout such that so we're good to go. I mean, remind you, just hear what our working definition based upon the book is that recycling is helping others to follow Jesus, by the way, find second might be second deliberately doing spiritually good to someone so that you know, she will No, you more than impressed. And then what I want to do there on our last session is kind of evaluating. So what we like and don't like what that says, it doesn't say. So I think that's I think launching points farther definition goes, I would like to It's been our last session together. Defining are just finding, but writing down our own sound technician exact ship. This that's what we're trying to do. So we're using this book to jump off a framework to jump off and talk about this idea of the site. So here's what you guys get the interactive. So this is our third session. Tell me what we had talked about so far, and maybe some significant points to that. And it doesn't have to be exhausted. Your mind rolling around this topic of discipleship, even if include reading. Obviously, I'm thinking in terms of of sessions, but angry is good as well Were you there last week? Time and be more like rice through five on it, but the circles. In front. Fuck the idea that it isn't a straight line. Astral that puppy. And this will take that. Can you learn from people at a ll Stages on can be helpful to people at all stages. We'll talk about that, but that kind of introduced the last couple times. We'll talk about a little bit more if I could manage time halfway decent. Don't be a way that Cassie. Wait. What do you mean by Dobie? A What do you mean? I don't like people showing sure two pages in the sense that they are just consuming at the expense of others and doing nothing. Contributing services will not be decided. Anything to get away. They're just going on. I get this out of the service is being provided for me and they're looking into transactional E. I can't be. Then that's the extent of what the church is. Therefore, pigs don't love this way, but it knows those terms. They don't know that. So wait. Talked about very beginning. Right, Matthew twenty eight. Great commission. You remember that. And so the idea behind that. But I want you guys to get to where I want to start this out. Have you guys thinking is that Christians make disciples what we did, very disables, who made disables. And so understanding what we're supposed to do as God's people should be motivating and helpful for us to see God glorified because he had a whole way of doing it. Thanks. So we'll make disciples. How does how does being pigs related to a cop in broad strokes here, this idea of us being pigs? How does that relate to us In light of our mission to make the sables, that's a very open ended broad question. And get that so filled in well, it's like it's like anything out of life. We're gonna get out of life what you put in your going to get out of your vision experience in your life, given your experience at the church. But what you put in me, it's like a few churches, all states family. But it's also kind of like Belgian unit for Christ. If you put it where you like part of a team, see serving, but also pray for people. Test people walking with people being people here, I think it kind of is what you said you used to find his life will lose it. But if you lose your life by saying we'll find it and you see what those are called Starbucks versions No people. I just wanted to assume that there's a little building years old told thanks. Not really growing, because it's shelter Church. There's a laser of across, you know, nobody's like carries my everyone, just honestly find another church, let people are serving. Basically living people will, Yeah, good. It's all about themselves, that they're big and you're replacing yourself before the race as opposed to you. What? Are you loving yourself? So what? We've been talking about getting hit on all those things that his bride, for that reason is we need it most. So the the biblical path we would take on that is that we would say authority on Earth has been given to me. Jesus is speaking. So this is significant here that even he is Lord, he's in charge and he is capable. And he has, over all things, we talked about that, he says, because you know that that indicates that you should do something. She go there for make disciples imperative. This is what we're to do because he's in control. He's in charge because he's Lord, we got go and make disciples. We've talked about these participles about how we make the site. We baptize them Name of the father, son and Holy Spirit that we teach that thanks. We'll baptize, would teach. So we're gonna talk about that typing more next week because we're gonna talk about how the cycle ship is done in the context of God's people call the church. And I said we'll talk about that. We've been talking about teaching them, so teaching them both with closely to exert all that I've commanded you. So there's no obedience. We're gonna observe what he's commanded. With what? The was the greatest command. How were they all wrapped up in We've been hit. We're anti thing is love, right? So so that's the idea. So we are. We are now taking who God is as he pursues us and love this thing called Grace. God is love, and he's pursuing us. And now we are. Now we have a new identity, so we're gonna pursue, just like he pursues is called love. And we're we're gonna observe those commands. We had a teacher, and then we have to teach how to observe them to obey. That's all under this umbrella of this thing called love. So love is when we're the city's way are are looking out for the other little pigs. That's real love. And that's called insurance. Okay, so we talked about making disciples. We want to see others. We must see each other mature and Christ become more loving and more loving and more loving, more loving Just God is love. You get in. Christ fulfills all of those things. So So I guess you guys had I just want you to have that biblical trail while we talk about love So much and maturity so much. And I didn't even cry so much and how it all fits together. Because then that answers the question. What is love? Does it mean for us tow to spur one another on toward love and good deeds? Questions on that. The odds on that, then we can. And we did this one, right? We're collages last, and we proclaim or warning everyone, we're teaching everyone with all business that we made present everyone mature Christ. So we're now we're going to the dean love like Christ following Christ being like Christ we proclaim and we talked about warning and teaching. There is a word element. The word of God element in all of these things is not just my version of what is good Now I'm gonna model that so you could have my version of what is good. We need to teach things. So there's a ministry of the word Thats why we would say that we need to have a class like this. So as we are proclaiming gotta be around the word for a very specific purpose so that we might mature Christ looking to the future hoping that there's this this end to which we will we will, our efforts will be realized. And then, finally we toiled to this end, struggling to this thing. It's hard not to be a little piggy is the point. We have to be on purpose intentional about struggling to the end of presenting everyone mature Christ, because that's what happened. It's what it means that he's publicly working in us. So the legal fulfill has told us to do thinking disciples. Yeah. So that's what we've been this far as our studies today. Then let's look at Let's look at it. He brews ten, twenty four, twenty five quid. So we've got our mind. We got a lot of very sure gonna be like Christ proclaim its going to be around the word of a struggle to that end Now, I'm looking at this crowd and I'm going. I think everybody in this room has probably heard of this verse. Correct. These versus let us consider I stood up for me in turn. I'm gonna turn your body is going to ask you for the context of this. Let's consider how squirrelly one of love and good works. Not collecting the meat together is the habit of some, but encouraging one another. All the more as you see the day drawing near. Now consider is not an imperative here there's more along the lines of present. We saw the last one kind of this could work this out for for a hope for in outcome. Is that what he's saying? We're considered how we might stir up one another. Love and good works, Bible scholars, any any insight into any of the phrase is here. Well, so I think this is one sentence taken out of the building, are you? That makes three good. What are you talking about previously? Just go. Go. Big picture for me. So therefore, brothers, since we have confidence in the holy places, quiet lefties refuses, or I freeze to make sacrifice for us one for also, we're saved. We're Christians that's been established. And now there's a serious and let us let us draw the true heart in full assurance or faith. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope. Just consider it starting with another love in words. And in light of what you've just done, in fact, that it matters. Now, let us do these things well, I would agree that it's not like you have to go through this right now, But in the broader sense, it's this is You better be thinking about this for what we have to yourself. So when we're spending Scripture, we always want to go. We go. We all stop context, right? We got this indicated. What does? But there's something that indicates that we should do something. Call indicative. Okay, so there's this indicative. That's what Charles just went through, and the whole of the big, you know, big broad brush or what you've just described is Look, Christ has done everything that you need so that you could approach the Holy God. That's who you are now. So because your R r That way, then approach God and do it with confidence. And so that that's where it's let us let us let us escape. And so what we have in this particular phrase here we have this a junk to this is grammar. Yes. What? That subjunctive. And that means that there are participles that can define that. So that's why did the red here here's kind of the main verb in this. It's kind of a future. Let's make something happen here. Collecting I'm not neglecting and encouraging is how we're going to consider those. Yeah, sir, we're going to consider how it can stir up a lot of good deeds, Not reflecting and encouraging is how we're gonna do that. So that just kind of breaking this down. Where? Sit putting this in the context. So because of the Christ has done, we could now approach the father who we were. We were objects of his wrath until what crisis? Because he's done all that stuff you need approaching with confidence we can, Mr Collins Joy. And then how do we do that? Well, we need to consider some stuff specifically how we might stir each other up loving good works from being anybody ever done a study on Stir up. He's for Esperon, right? There's a there's a burn yourself on making move. There's, um, some urgency to stirring up. So we need to be thanking, considering how I might her each other on for what? Love and good works. That sounds very Christian. Where do you think that means? One of these is encouraged to me is that the flow of this passage keepers mirrors the Old Testament. So, like you, exit is twenty years attaining manners, he says. I'm working out, right? I rescue you. Now you will. These things in gratitude to me, the design, your God, I think that's exactly what we're seeing here is like Little Christ has saved you. Now you are your ethical norms. So it was a little actual bag. Basically, he's encouraging, like figure this out, right? And he's thinking about figuring out from scratch. There's a framework it's are laid down from literally two thousand faces Scripture. So, Reese, I figured out me together, do these things to your address. So so so how would we just have a big bucket for love? In this case? How would we describe that big bucket? But it will work. Love means or, like just in the flow of our conversation about cycle shitless here. Can't can't good care, Your Eminence commitment promoting Christ Yeah, it was the greatest commandment. I love you. Heart and soul. Yeah, I will say I love my neighbors in L. A with laws wrapped up with these two. So we should be thinking in terms of those jobs, that's the framework, the structure that Charles was pointing to. Yeah, so we should spur each other up in love. Meaning when we were considering how spur each other. What might we do if I want Jordan toe love more? No good lover. How would I come out? I love her Spor up there. Here that teaching did marsh ing very rigorous and burn incense. I sympathize. I'm just saying that it's not just that I would that I would help her love by giving her a hug and say, I love you. You're so brave. He's great. So she is great. But she needs to know the commands. Not just so you know, the commandments, those we could observe the commandments because how they know that we're Christians. Our love, our one for another job. And that is Where is that love come from? Jews from the word from the commands, right? And so for it is always going to love. I understand. Love is expanding the flame of the affection of my heart, love and good works. Okay, I know this to those. Wait, but all of these works. So based upon the activities that were on your scoring how how might you define what good works is? You don't need that which is obedient to God. In the course of our conversation, what is the overarching obedience to God? So these first love for God and we would obey him by following the command of making disciple, Which means that we're going to move people toward maturity. I might be a good work. So approach Christ, I'm gonna stir up people toward love and good works. I'm going to stir people up toward understanding the commandments of God and then working out their understanding of the commandments. What we call it works that you are? Yes, you buy this. Go. So then so then have Okay, This is where those that's Why would do a little highlight. Here was participles. Tell us this is like Okay, This is how it's not a new phrase. It's going. It's going toe right under. Considering how a story each other after loving good deeds. Number one not neglecting to meet together. Yeah, you are. And instead of not meeting, we're actually gonna encourage one another. All right. All the work. As you see the day drawing here, I always seen this future. Look, we're not doing this for the now. We don't do these things to fix ourselves or fix other people were doing this out of the peons. God is as we as we anticipate. Christ coming back and we could take for our just flesh in all those things out. I want about collecting. Meet together news when you see that. What do you think that What? What is it? What is it? What does he mean here? Like my not going there's not going to trigger. They love generally not going right about Sunday morning. Is that what it was? That context part? It's just being around other question people, no matter where you go there on Sunday Yeah, yeah, and it's gonna go further and say, I think it's impossible to love Christ without loving church. We're inseparable because God love your neighbor as yourself, our process. So there's no category for I look out vacuum where I'm not letting my fellow Christians were buying any church with them. Like, Yes, that's exactly the point that I want to make something you for making it. And I want to make sure that because what we'll hear, what we got from some of you have come to church on Sunday. So that's what this means. Hey, do you know why? Because if we have a concept of the church that is more than a Sunday service, but it's God's people. It's got people who have been seen by this Christ who allows us access with him. We know that it's together. We have the love of that church We need to be so we need to do this. We do a former service corporately doing all of the things that we need to do to teach a disciple in that form. But we also need to get together outside so we'll get, like, corporate events. We have community groups with studies was kind of thing, so that when you're urged this way to be together, it's easier, that's it. But those that in all know there should be in you're thinking of other churches, So when we're looking out for each other, we need to be looking out for each other in the context of the church. And that's what's behind getting together there, you see, So when we're meeting together, what should that do? But there's a contrast, right? Don't don't let me together. But encourage what? That's what. You should do it. How can we encourage each other? We're not get together. There's an impatient enough good here. So as we're talking about making the cycles who make the sex being intentional, we tend to think that we're personally. This is This is what I need to be doing this verse. This conversation should put this in the context of what should we be doing and what's my role in God's church for us together and the whole overarching direction we're saying, Is she making? You should be helping each other move toward mature. Does that help us start fleshing out in the future? What loving versus so we can evaluate what we're doing. That's us. It says strong anything about sometimes because I don't know where Christians, by our love for child residing persons, could do nice things for. People are Christians. They should know what Christians, by the way, we treat our fellow Christians. That should be the attraction. And honestly, you see this in some communities, right? You know what happened. Mormon town. Does God take care of this morning? We're Amish. Sure, wherever they part of a community and communities need to be a little bar right there's a community knows people photographed the national bee attractiveness to the outside. It was a very so everybody should be playing before you get along in the world out there largely should be loving each other. Some Wes is. It's attractive to that culture. They won't have Let me let me just to expand that thought right there. And this is Look, it spurred on in my life. Well, for one another. Fashion will play us helping each other become warm, ensuring Christ living out our identity. Christ becoming more love. So why would I forgive? Because it fixes my relationships. I forgive him much, right? So if I think so, I think if you listen, you'll spend me because your husband chairs to that would be here. But I have to forgive you because you're right. I did forgive much. Was the result of that? No. Forgiveness is an act of love. What should be the result between you and I? Can you think of this? Let's do this. Let's just keep that right out there. I mean, let me write my write up my my straight back. Yeah. Oh, so over time. I'm gonna be like breasts. You remember this? So I like it. Do they live here in this way? Does review of God's glory No. You believe her down here. Start right there. Okay, So what I want I want you to see is that as I'm forgiving as I'm serving as I'm encouraging as on admonishing as I'm just relating in this way this informed by my understanding of God love, I'm moving closer to the left, to the left. No, it's dead. Yeah, so that that's the case. We need to happen now. We're talking. We're talking about this trajectory, but that's what we're talking. I forgive you ultimately, because Christ forgave me. Hebrews ten right before twenty four. Twenty five is what he's done. So this is who you are. And since this is who you are, this is what you do. And that informs me that of my activity on how it helps me for film the mandate for me to decide that's it. We're Why my teaching this bus? So you gotta move. Why do you show up write me, Encourage me pull this thing. I'll just I'll just give you just a republic personal anecdote. So Charles night are eating. We get together a week's or something like that, you know? And he's just talking about what's going on his life, exciting battles waiting last night, that kind of stuff. And this is what he said. He said to me, he goes, Yeah, I had to put it into the context of worship. I'm just, like losing weight. But it was clearly idolatrous for me, you know, some rice. And guess what? I thought about Sara because we met together because it's revolving around gas word, and I got this in mind. I'm going to just help me move left. You encouraged me. Didn't teach me that. Like I said that about million people. But the fact that it was over it was done in that context. I was deciding. Yeah, so that's just like, obviously a small knot on this whole process, and I want you to see it in every garden all right. We're going to say something. Yeah, they are. I say, Well, the interesting things about is the enforcement community criticize each other. And the crazy thing about God used to send it was on the glory is the greater sin against each other when produces, extended, grated on creating on the other side between the same two people. But you have a choice, right? See, there you and that temptation of sin and not a favorite of the trial that you successfully come through forgive. And every time there's that forgiveness is actually strengthens the bond greater than it was in the first place. If you hadn't, City is each other, so So So just do. Yeah. So here's the deal. I got fifty minutes. I got six sessions to do so I guess what I want to do I want to hold class unforgiving. But I want to do a whole class on the nuts and bolts of forgiving under the umbrella of disciples. We're gonna do next this following new marriage, reviewed parenting or there's some really weird news on communication. And like that tragic, tragic. If we separate it from what we're talking about, it because then it just becomes okay here. So skills, I gotta get parenting. But when I go, Okay, I am now his. We are his. We're gonna help each other move from the from this point to the left, one step to the left, one said, Oh, okay. This is parents. Was that, Oh, this is how God reveals himself. Impairing your the indicative. Here's the commands. Here's how I love in that context. This is how I move my kids spouse, friends each other from the right. So So let's just talk about this real quick. I've liked on Page forty four, he kind of ended this this chapter, probably, but lovely set. And I want to talk a little bit more quotes from the book that I thought were good parts, humility on this kind of thing. But I wanted to flesh this out a little bit more. So he said. Those is to be human is to be the site of our first session that you didn't present Adam and he with a choice between discipleship and independence, between following camp phone saying that is a great picture, having bringing because that that that clarifies a lot of life right there. Well, we just think that there's those who follow cries and there's something out there ethereally. There's no nothing galvanizes us today, so that's a good My point is where the falling price we're falling saying we're all the same. It's the only question is, who are we following other levers for having the city You're helping still more to do say, this one here with So what was the friends that you like? You know what is likely others now, as I tried to leave time Holmes time Bombs of grace the way it was in the context of that work to present people on the last day. So everything isn't necessarily happen today. And we could get discouraged about that. If you don't see all these changes, it's just our responsibility to leave those time bombs of grace. So they're presented Yeah, St. And that in the significance of that right, is the last page before Chapter three people disciples. Just after the way I've evangelized no Christians, Christians aboutthe travel in the future. You are my life. Deciding this now is how I tried to be tight. One of the things that if we see the cycling is who we are and command from Christ period, then we will wait, will do it because it's the right thing. We want to do it. So it'll fix things like almost loving that would be to fix other people, or I'm going to love other people for my own glory and the way that we know that we're approaching discipleship wrong is when we get tired of it. In other words, we're being tired well being that. And that's a very real temptation time and time and time. And you don't have to put their time and let's get some food that that that's the significance of that is doing it before God. Arable means understanding that in the future we're gonna present This is collections from when you were present. I'm sure you Christ, there's a There's a parallel to the stand So I said, for all the cyclers and inside for ball which is matter who were gone, that would mean in the same time world Cyprus. Unsightly. It's hard to decide excitements of sales. Why not? Well, you're sure not going to. The disciple is a follower. So they were all disciples. They fall over rice or following? Yeah, your disciples. Those following you decide to leave, threat occurs in there. Follow. So I would think from that state that you've made the statement that we're all cyclers also were all th e world training. We're all people forward leading my guys say, Ben. And we're all disciple Er's where exactly? That's why he confuses the phrase disabling. This is what we do. Well, what we wanna do is OK. I'm a recycler now, men. This is what we're to do. Your disciple on the side and you have to value maturity in Christ. Credible because wear this, he presented mature. Okay, so let's go. So here's what? I'm not gonna try. Toe recap. What? Pam was point. Now let's camp your point. So this idea of growth and we made the point that when we grow Well, we call life. So we're not just Wade. We're out here is death. Yeah, we've become believers, and now we grow. What happens here were intended with various tribes harass most very neutral word. Every time something doesn't go our way. That's an opportunity for us either to obey, worship God or being tempted to sin and worship ourself for the views are what we're coming today. Policy because there are worrying the already not yet another words. Christ reigns. He's done his work on the cross, but he has not yet come a second time. We're still even as believers as God's people confronted with these tribes. So what happens in our life then, is we have a Siri's of these confrontations where we have an opportunity to glorify Patterson. Wait. So calm The temptation to send. We have this cycle of self version that I'm going to do it my way. I'm gonna worship me my desires. Thank you. And whatever the king desires, he deserves so better demand. And let's talk about that more. That's the idea. Then we get to this point because we're believers, we see ourselves and we, Confessor said, and we repent of our sins. Some fifty one David Wright, He starts out, he says, just you alone and get down on the desk. But then he goes, But I don't stay here. I'm reminded of this gossip. So then I become God works through repentance. That's what we're not just in general. So as we mature, it doesn't mean that we hit every jazz Mel's, and we embrace the opportunity to work. That would be a a young believer type of danger. What doesn't know is that when we sin our loop of worship is smaller because we catch yourself self worship. Being a waiter, you bet. And the growth could you possibly in the first circle tells little words when you see your yang? I s O way. We'll talk about that for sure. The last session. Because it's a good bridge for the Evangeline. I want to get to the five categories you're today. And then I got time. Can I have five? No way. You're gonna get so that's guy here. So this in your mind when we're talking about moving people from the right to the left, ensuring, presenting people, sure, in Christ, we need to have this process in mind so we can evaluate a mature believer, not by the fact they center don't send, but how they respond to send, and that's really important. So this should get tighter and tighter, tighter. Now take it in front of linear forty five degree angle, and that's the loops on there because it's not so many. This is still to marry you. So over the course of your life, you have four major trials. You're going Tonto. So? So this is This is still to build two flat, because this happens, like, in the next hour. Wait. And so so. But But think about this in terms of sufferings. I think one of the things that are missing in our Christian culture is a biblical understanding, Biblical understanding of the suffering throughout Scripture and how God uses that's these things right here. How didn't grow? Well, we get these drafts, and as I as I embrace it, to glorify God What is that? So these trials that they want them in our lives? We're not these opportunities to grow. Confess, confess, Repent. This is an act of worship is what we're talking about here. All right, So now the next thing I'll do is I'll introduce you to I think this is on the top of your sheep here. Back of that head, Heart hands. If you've been around what I first say cheese they last. And if I could do it this way. Okay. So who's heard that phrase before that? Look at the crystal life, looking through the grid of head, heart hands who can explain it to me. Starting head goes in the heart. Okay. All right. So these are all work together. All right, So let's say somebody turn your Bible, Teo. Actually, Geoffrey, do this for me. Our moments. Twelve. Do you want to So briefly, head is understanding that. Remember when we when I did that whole all chapter green olive chapter one flashing drink is it looked for understanding understanding when you understood the grace of God and true calm of the gospel that head And you understand these things Where class we're understanding these things. Heart is worship. Okay? Affections, love what we're focused on fans are those good works we're talking about for actions. Get me regrown. Its twelve one two women too. This may be true. Real nice. I urge you, therefore, brethren, by diversities of God, to present your bodies, giving a holy sacrifice acceptable to God. Spirit of service of worship. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. That you may prove with the will of God is that which is good and acceptable and perfect for through the grace given to me by saying that every man you not think more highly of himself and he often think that thing so it's half sound. Judgment has got a lot of each inventor of things. Yeah, so this will be good. This will be good. Meditation, Fire. So in view of God's mercies, I don't say that. That's a few chapters. One through eleven. Iran's in a few of his mercy. You're reasonable response. I see his mercies. If I understand his mercies that I have a reasonable response to what offer my body is a living sacrifice that's holy and pleasing God, there's worship there. Wow. Well, don't be conformed to the pattern of this world. Was that really helps us dont be transformed or instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You know where there is a follower of Satan? Type of thinking, a worldly thinking there. We got secular thinking, if you will, and that becomes our norm. And then they become believers. And we need to be retrained in that thinking. And when we are re trained in that thinking they were going to transformed in the renewing of your mind, you know what's gonna happen? Right. So read reading the tap into perversity that you may prove what the will of God is good and acceptable. So there's a will of God. There's something for me to obey and follow. And when I am transformed by my mind, it works in my heart of worship and then causes me to obey. And when I obey whatever I get to do, you two get to prove his ways. Actually, it's a mind thing when I think through that his way is excellent. But is that my heart to do things get crazy now? I'm grateful, all know, and then I'm so then because of that, I'm going to obey. And when I will day his eyes, that's head, heart hands. So we need to look through. We're talking about our own path toward maturity. We need to look through the lands of all three of these things and how they work together. If we do not do that, and what we will do is, we will say that a mature disciple is somebody who understands. There's a lot of knowledge, right? So you have somebody in church for thirty years, has a lot of knowledge into a lot of Bible studies, but they are not mature. Christ or say, Why don't we all know how understanding I love God? Well, what do you love? Your ditches each other roads every time. Yeah. Yeah, that's where it goes. So? So we don't want to fall in the ditch, so we want to go down this pathway without doing any of this stuff. So some people are just doers, right? Just by nature. And so they're gonna do just torrential dream. That's on it. If I could arrange a string him, check out my box. And that's why in the world I spend my time studying, So I'm just so that's an introduction to this understanding. If we miss this plans do that, then we will have to be precise in our understanding of what looks like a move from right to left. Okay, so now gives categories. Now, the problem is given categories is that we automatically think in terms of bucks, right? This must be how it is, but it's not. So we're stages that the first stage is on there. You know, you haven't been here so because it's forty eight right now, I'm just gonna have to just kind of winging on How this dust. But I'll be ableto work I'm not worried about next week. We'll hit it, start out ofthis Well, kind of go through these little bit more deaths. Just like I know this is an important tool. I didn't want to introduce the tool session one and then spend all our time line without you. Understand? So no one's dead. What if something is dead? Center me justification to any justification. How is that going to come about? I work rich. Yes. Here. You're clear presentation. Do not underestimate that phrase because oftentimes so this is just I think I said this last week. You have missionaries, right? And they go. They go into a culture and they don't really know the language. And so because they don't know the language of the world type of level, what they do is they say, Jesus and they show that Jesus film and they don't have a clear presentation of the gospel of what ends up happening then is Jesus gets added to their original religion and they created a new religion. So you have all these crack. You have his claims of Christ and these new churches in the jungles, but you've actually made a new religion. This has to be a clear presentation of the gospel God uses the means of communicating and retaining the gospel to justify to change people's hearts that that's what they need, What we go through to evangelism. We're gonna take a look at it. Is this your relational? The proclamation all and might surprise you in Scripture. How Mohr of the gospel of presented a proclamation only outside the church and its spoken to each other inside a church with context. Relationship interesting about. They're so dense. Stands clear. So that's that's number one dead, then number two. So let's go to right here. That's gonna be spiritually spiritual. They you're safe. You responded to this gospel faith. So all of the things that are true about you that we talked about he, Bruce, you're in the foal. But you're still a baby, so they look at, So be on your head. Where's the baby now? The way that my baby was just fine, baby in the head. I don't know much. Oh, Church. Oh, I'm supposed to type O Jesus Did what? You know, I still say on all of those kind of things, but I don't think I don't know very much stuff. So what is It was a baby Nida's faras head goes No training, no understanding basics. Okay, I'm hard. Well, how would you describe the heart of a spiritual being? It's so, so sell it over the top because you're so excited about you. Yeah, I mean, this is really this is really I love Jesus. Not sure about the nuts and bolts, but I know the basic. There Everything, though, is like this new experiences like my eyes. I think about this all the time since I got my eyesight, like a hundred. But, you know, I don't like that. It's like a baby. But you know what? At some point, I'm gonna foot poking me and you know, that's because this time I'm glad for you. I'm seeing everything through the lens of me. Still what? Because I have been transferred, the intimate been reading, but transforming of my mind, still thinking in terms of selfish good. So then, about my actions were my actions like my hands little while I'm doing stuff like sincerely. But I know I'm doing the right stuff, right? You know what it is? It's kind of what? Your time. I'm excited, but I'm like a bull in a china closet. Excited, You know, I'm not talking. So So that's how that's how those categories helpless then as I bro, because down spiritual John? Yeah, Spirits child. Okay. Channels will be more that spiritual. Big talk about big game, but he needs to be fed. It was an information given to care things diaper. Protect him those spirits, child. All right, and eat fruit loops off the big trick. We still need somebody but venture. The Froot Loops on the big trip is that stuff. So we still need some understanding. Hard wise still knows a little bit more. Know some right things to do. You know, I should go to church, but I'm gonna do all of those things if it benefits me. So, my, my Christianity, my salvation is still about me, which is and I love, by the way. So I need to grow in that there. Okay. And so what I'm going to do that is I'm going to serve. If there's a cost benefit, and as soon as somebody doesn't appreciate my service as soon as the church of the film I need that I'll go to another church that I would say there. This says, I looked at this. We should not be spiritually children very much like this should be the shortest. This should be the shorter's face if we go through because I think that when we're here, you know these things. I think that it's marked by heart of good night, black and red wire me that this is where we could get stuff right. If we don't, we're not purposeful about discipleship within the church and understanding this picture in our head and we're going. Then we could see people insurance for a long time as spiritual children. Then we have a spiritually younger, no. About spiritual teenager, so I never got your spiritual child. That. That's interesting, Teo, I have struggled. I just take that out, but I don't know, because you know what? It's more than this way back way. We're gonna finish off with that. But I these categories only spirits room. That's where I'm going. I want to be helpful, but we're spiritually on your door all of a sudden way. Get past like this whole Christian, Anything is not about me. And it's kind of nice when when you see this tipping point here from a child to a young adult, tell anybody My daughter is a senior in college. She's just now getting to the spiritually young adult. What's happening is all of this truth that she has in these categories as you have it's guys like connecting the ducting, Tink, Tink, Tink, and is coming together. And so she's talking. She talks to us about our half about what God's doing in her life, right, but still about what Guy's doing in her life. But at that point, I say, Now watch what's gonna happen. You're gonna continue growing, imprison our conversation. Chasen's air about God's kingdom, not what it's doing in your left wrist. That's what marks that transition right there. So what? What does that person needs? A person needs more input. They should be at this point on ahead, able to get information, feed themselves, Have those those her musicals, Bible study, skilled et cetera Know where things are to the point right now, I'm gonna go get that information so that I can obey and prove that his ways are excellent because I experienced that's what happens here. So the heart, then the worship there is going to be an expanding of the shift from it's all about me toe where it's all about. God. So we called fear God. So as we're maturing, we want to fear God and nothing else. Now my words come to serve, served out of a desire to please God rather than something that I get out. That's what you spiritually young adults what they need and encouraging. Now they are. They're motivated to step out, step into people's lives and serve other people. So what's gonna happen? Your latte and they're discouraged and they need to hurry. That's just what? It's not safe here, right? But you're not necessary. Mature enoughto handle not being safe. So you need people to come alongside and then any opportunity in opportunities, then the last one this will call spiritually parents. Now spiritually parents instead of spiritually built because the whole idea here is a spurt. Spiritual parent births here, disciples who make disciples spiritual parent is a mature person who is living, is sold out all for the glory of God. That's why they exist spiritually. Parent is intentional about this discipleship process and moving people from the right to the left because that is what it looks like. It could be that depressed so spiritually parent understands their identity in Christ and then trains. Others have the same. So I'm a disciple, er and I'm going to look at We'll get somebody to get a place in my life, see value discern where they are, sir, not judge. These are not labels. Discerning said, Where are they? Today was the reality what they need, what they saying, How to discern where they are so I can give them what they need. My expectation is there change. If I judge that I'm the same Andrew, you're here, you'll never get out of there unless he confesses that's not very loving. Might be headstrong. Might might be there, but I'm not. I'm not being very loving, so maybe I'm not the spirits. Apparently it's kind of how that works that I don't need to call your spiritual child you. So So So we need to be looked at here's here's how they way Forget ten, twenty five so just let me just do this. This is very helpful first and understand where we are. Great, You know, a lot of stuff, not very loving. Where's your heart? You know the best way to see our heart, to see what makes us angry. Because that shows what we don't get. Towelie how much we desire. You need to have all three of these things together so that we can be presented insurance. Christ has to go seconds. Once I understand this about myself, I'm gonna pursue maturity in Christ by self evaluation. If you're on this side, Inspector, you should be able to evaluate yourself. Claymore Clear? No. Then what we will do that is we get good understanding this process were now able to discern in other people. Yeah. Where Where do people sit, baby? No, no lot. Spiritually, children going over there. Unfortunately, this is a maturity people coming. So now I'm seeing your spiritual child. So I had this checklist for you. But you know what we're doing together. This is the things that you need. It isn't art. Here's the head. Things here's the heart. Thanks. Cheers. That hand? Yeah. Then violinists, Mrs Lots of times, your characterizes spiritually You gonna spiritually lots of time with your spiritual parent You're gonna act like you're young. We all fall back into that's why closer and closer. This isn't a judgment comparison. This person's here that persons there, we're all back forth on these. What we want to do is we want to work bye through discipleship, representing other ensuring Christ. That's what you know right now, let's just thank you very much. Again. I thank you for this time together. Thank you for just that. That to make yourself clear, we're spread as we talked about maturity you don't love. That would be rooted in truth. We would know that is that you would protect us from sentimentalism. That it causes us to wish wash that you would protect us from intellectualism because of us to be harsh, The Lord, that we would simply No. I love you because we're known by They seem to know others so that we could encourage him to same Jesus, man.
Jamie Self

Jamie has served in full-time ministry since 1999. He loves serving Christ, discipling men and eating smoked beast. He is proud to be married to his beautiful, godly wife Andrea and enjoys spending time with his two adult children, Makenzie and JJ.

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