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I'm glad that you guys are here and we will be talking through where we should disciple specifically the church today. So we're gonna look at Ephesians Chapter four for seven through sixteen. Maybe this handout, one of the things that I didn't get to last time that I wanted to with some of the quotes from the reading. I think the reading is is good. And, uh, even though we're not going through the book together, it is good supplemental reading. And I thought this chapters five and six were particularly helpful for the topic of what we're talking about today. So let me pray. And then when we're done opening and prayer, what I would like to hear from you is some takeaways from the first few sessions, kind of as a as a recap on where we've been. And you could just say, Look, this is what we talked about. You know, this is something that I've thought about since then out of the book, etcetera, just to get us up to speed so we can dive into this part of the the class. So, Father God, we thank you for the opportunity to just be reminded of truth through class together. I pray, Lord, that as we look at the the topic of what it means to grow in our likeness of your son, that Lord, that we would ponder it thoughtfully, that we would think about it as an act of service and worship to you. Lord, I pray that you would grow us on in the effect in our affections. For you and Lord, we know what we're convinced that that grows as you review the truth. And you point us to your son and that, uh, lord, that are reasonable response to that father, God just offer ourselves as living sacrifices. So what? I pray that they would be living sacrifices that they be holy and pleasing to you in Jesusname. Amen. All right, so So give me. So if somebody said were you guys been going Sunday mornings at nine and tell me about it? What would you guys say? Earlier. I? No. I think that visual pour it. Yeah, Yeah, really good. Yeah. Yeah, I agree with you. I think that that's that's a key visual. It's Aki truth that, you know. Yeah, yeah. Thanks for that. What else? You know that. Summer breeze. Whatever, man. Now I'm a jerk way. We're just talking about pulling out of the audience here. Just thoughts from the first three sessions and where what we're talking about a CE faras discipleship. Saha's and Theresa just, uh, just pointed out that she likes to visual of the flight pattern as we approach issues, and then we grow through those things. Now that's a good tool to show people that we're disciple. No. Master Long Still? Yeah, Something. Yeah, Yeah, we talked about that last week. So I don't know if you guys heard what Jeff was saying because he's got that smooth, silky low voice. What? He was just saying It was just the reminder that we are disciples. We don't just way don't just get way Don't arrive somewhere and make a disciple. We are disciples. We're consistently working out our discipleship, if you will. As part of that, then is making other disciples who make other disciples Yeah. No. Yeah, yeah. What is down the chain? It's down the chain of maturity. Right. So when you talk about a mint toward somebody who is mature has something that they can model and that they can pass off to you etcetera. One of the things we talked about, uh, two weeks ago, I think when we met last, was this idea that we would value maturity in our own lives and then value that, say, maturity and the lives of other people. When we talk about maturity, what are we talking about when you want was that? Okay. Being more conformed in the image and likeness of Jesus. And what does that look like in our lives? So that's exactly right. I'm not I'm not going for another answer. Does that look like what we call it, Huh? Being Christ like I'm great. Immature weather. Yeah, what would characterize somebody who is growing? And they're reacting to their sin, Repentance, humility, Love, Right, right. That's I mean, that's what we should be thinking out were we? We are maturity is that we're being conformed to the image of Christ and one of the thing that's it's coming that you'LL hear more than I. So you look at the chart. But when we're talking about right and this is the pathway of righteousness. So those kind of things and I've kind of gotten away from the used using the language of identity and Christ, I'm gonna get back to it. It's our identity and Christ. We're constantly being Mohr into the image of Christ, and that's what it means to mature as we do that. Then we talk about love, right? The image of Christ. He so loved us that with joy, he offered himself as a sacrifice on the cross on our behalf, right? His eyes are on the glory of the father for our good. He's willing to sacrifice so immature person. So we talking about like a baby Christian. It's all about my spirituality and my salvation and all Me, me, me, me me, me and how And I see the world how everything affects me Then as I grow in the likeness of Christ my, my eyesight, my perspective changes and I go through I hit this point to where I go Oh, it's all about the glory of God. How does this affect the glory of God? Not how can I be the best Christian I can be? And so that when we talk about love, we're talking about that growing perspective where our eyes are outward rather than inward. Yes, sir. Attempting to feel. Yeah, you, but where? Yeah, Absolutely, Absolutely. No Other thoughts could good introduction recap where we're at. I would say that if if what I would want you to take away from this class so far is that we are is the great commission, right? Is that the all authority has been given to Christ. So now, because of that, he gives us something to do as believers. He tells us to make disciples. Disciples are made, They're not born, they're made and we make disciples. And how do we make those disciples? You remember that? Teaching them in, baptizing them right? And and And that so that's what we're supposed to be doing. What are we teaching them? How to observe? Yeah. Yeah. And what's the greatest commandment? Love, Right. So we're teaching were in God's word. We're out of class this morning because we desire to know to be taught so that and then teach love. That's what it means to study God's word. Okay, so So if that is a great commission, then how great is it? What should how How should we be motivated toe? Fulfill the commandment to make disciples to what extent should we be motivated? Okay. Like an athlete training for a race? Well? Kind of Yeah. You dropped the kind of its own. Yeah. Yeah, this is what we're supposed to be doing. This is what the Christian life is all about. That doesn't mean that our artwork or our day to day lives don't matter. They matter. They matter under the umbrella of us serving r our commander, if you will, who commands us to make these disciples? And so what's it worth? It's worth everything. I'm just done. Jamie and I went to this this conference, that radius, that I've talked about it several times. And it was it was refreshing because it was black and white. Look, if this is true, if the great commission is true and you're supposed to make disciples and you're supposed to make it this way, what are you willing to give up for it? About everything. How about you? And that reminder should be that should be echoing in our brains as we go through this all the time. So this is actually a really important topic as we look at Grace Church as a local church. You guys right here. Two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine of ten of you. Ten of you, eleven of us. This this right here? My my prayer is that God would use us right here in this room to foster a culture of discipleship. Cop foster a culture of people who are willing to sacrifice to fulfill not kind of our purpose but our purpose, right? And that we would see a local church that's characterized not by eleven people at a discipleship class on Sunday, but that that's how we would live. And then they won't know that we're Christians by our love, love, love, love, love as the answer to everything today love so so So let's go through this. So now we want what we want to broach the topic of Where should we disciple and I just ah ah, spoiler alert. It's the church, okay, within the context of the local church. So this is Paul, Chapter four of Ephesians, He says. Grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ's gift. Therefore, it says, when he ascended on high, he led a host of captives and he gave gifts to men and saying he ascended. What does it mean? But that he also descended into the lower regions of the earth. He who descended is the one who also ascended for about far above all the heavens that he might might fulfill. All things. I got glasses in here somewhere. And he gave the apostles profits the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ until we all attain to the unity of faith and if the knowledge of the son of God to mature manhood to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ so that we may no longer be children, tossed two and Frobisher the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine by human cunning by craftiness and deceitful schemes. Rather speaking, the truth in love were to grow up in every way into him. Who is the head into Christ, from whom the whole body joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love. Okay, so So let's just rather than meet like just time walking through this and teaching you guys observe, What's the importance of this passage in light of the gospel and our top, the gunman discipleship I'm giving you a little bit of hence with the colors. Okay? Yeah, I'm not amazing. Gift gift, gift, gift gift. It's gift. This is a gift. And now is there a purpose to the gift? To share it. Okay. What about if you went to the passage? Would you have any cues on what might be the purpose? Buildup? Okay. Equipping of the saints. For what purpose? So that we might grow right. Growing maturity. How in the Christ likeness, right, How they love. What's Ah, What's the advantage? What's the benefit of these gifts? And what's the bet? Then there's a kn additional benefit to the body growing so build itself up in love. Okay, So unity of faith Knowledge. Son of God. Good. Any protection in there? So yeah. Okay, good. So So why would I pick this passage for us to go through? And we talk about where we should disciple, Any thoughts? Huh? Okay. Where's it say that. But yeah, building up the body of Christ. It's the churches, the local church specifically. How do we know that? Like. Church. Yeah. Good question. Maybe I should ask that. What do you think? What? Okay, so let's let's agree with you. But let's think through this so that we are growing in our understanding through Scripture. Okay, this is it. Let's assume that there's other versus around this one, that there's a context of this passage here. What would What would give you an argument for this being the local church versus the Universal Church. Give me. Okay? Yeah. Yeah, I think that's good. There's a church in ethicists. All right. Where do we see the manifestation or the presence of these gift ce? Profits of Angela's shepherds and teachers. What do we see? Shepherds and teachers in the church right now. When we look at the structure of the church, let me ask you this question. Now, I'm kind of rift. And so you guys you like, I just want you thinking that we're putting these pieces together. Why? How does this connect with Matthew? Twenty eight? All right, on authority given me and make disciples with making disciples in the context of the local church. Go and look that up. Where's the connection between making disciples and Matthew twenty eight and the local church? And why is Paul writing to the Ephesians? Saying these things and I would connect it together is discipleship. Yes, sir. Mrs. Yeah. Okay, great. Okay? Do you understand what he said, Joanie? Okay. Now watch. No, Say it again and I'm asking. I'm not I'm not trying to pick on you. Say it again and tell me if you understand what he's saying. You? Yeah. Where Yeah. Where's it say that we're two or three gathered? Matthew, eighteen. In the context of church discipline. So the how does that help me with the great commission? I I know it's out there. I know, but we just we need to talk about and put these pieces together. Okay. I can't do it without him. Okay. And how do we know where he is? Because there's two three gathered. We're going to discipline somebody. Okay? Yeah, I'm just your head. Person to look at here. Just go there for me, Nations, this is precious. Going out to make it inside, one to go to, but Well, I believe you. I'm just trying to go. Why do you say you have to go to? But why don't you just go to Botswana, share the gospel and see some converts? Yeah. What happens when you come home? What do you say? Okay. Okay, so So tie that directly to Matthew twenty eight. Now look at it. I go to Botswana, somebody gets a convert. That's it. No, you left there. Okay. What happens? What happens when there's a conversion in Botswana? According to Jesus in Matthew twenty eight. Yeah, OK, he's there. Yeah, clearly. I'm gonna go to Botswana. I'm not I'm not I'm not okay. Love, love. Jesus, love. Okay, So they're going to make disciples. And how are they going to make disciples? Okay. What else? OK, go to Matthew twenty eight and tell me what else? Remember those participles go teach and bad ties Baptize. Right? So I'm gonna go to Botswana. I'm going. I'm going. I'm going to proclaim the gospel. Clearly, this is the second week and collages, right? I'm going to proclaim that thing clearly and God's going to convert that person And then I'm going to baptize them because that's what it means to make a disciple. Why does baptism matter in that context? What's happening? Yes, you're drawn a line I am. The old self is gone. I'm not part of the world anymore. I'm part of God's Kingdom. That is clear now and that's his church. That's that's what we talked about. The Ephesians three ten right? That he's gonna his secret weapon is to reveal his manifold. Wisdom is through the church. How, by drawing clear lines that somebody would profess the gospel, they would profess faith. And now you've got two people there watching each other's lives to make sure that it connects with their faith. Brooke Proclamation. Now you're making a church. That's what the church it is. So that church is now going to gather as a delineated people not of the world anymore. Now of the church and guess what they're going to do. They're going to teach. They're going to teach God's word and they're going to grow up in the gospel so that they're not tossed around, back and forth by that old world scheme of thinking that they were in. But that's exactly where we go. Well, how do we know how to do that? How do we know how to teach somebody and the ideas about a fishing chapter for what does it say? God says, I'm with you. I'm fortunate and I'm going to give you some gifts. I'm going to give you evangelists. I'm gonna give you profits. I'm gonna give you pastor teachers when you read that. If Ephesians chapter for pastor teacher is in such a way that that's the same person, all right? And so there's going to gifts know Not only are we going to draw a line, but God is going to give gifts to the group of people who are on his kingdom so that they will continue to grow up and build up the body. That's what Ephesians talking about right here, and that's what he's talking about to the Ephesians said. This is what we do. God has given you a gift. What I think is amazing. So now we talk about this, This line, this clear line right there's out and there's an end and we we can't We can't be like, Well, it's not really like that because that's not taller. Now the whole point of the churches that there's an out and there's an end And the reason I could say that with Greek, with great confidence and we come to Ephesians Chapter four right here, seven through ten. He talks about what he says he's given gifts and he talks about this whole ascending descending thing. Do you guys have Ah study Bible or says gives you conflict cross reference at all? Somebody looked at up. What's he's quoting something you got it back there. Okay. Anybody find it somewhat? Okay, some sixty eight could turn to Psalm sixty eight. Greg, As soon as you get there, will you read it nice and loud? Uh, can remember, uh, right around. See if there's a good break there. I want to give the context the context of this. This quote matters. Begins. That got a rise. Good. Just a mountain of goddess amount of patience, a mountain of many thanks. Why do you look with Indio, the mountain? Really. Chariots of Goes on Geary. It's thousands little. It is among them as sign up. You have ascended on. You have less, Captain. Presenting a gift even among the rebellious. Go. All right, so just this where I'm going with this Chariots Mountains. It's It's the picture of a war. God wants a place. He's gonna take it by force through a war. He wants Mountain Patient for himself, and he takes it. And then we see that he take this. It says he takes the gifts from the men. No, it says right there, Cassie. Okay, so So if we're not belabor this But so we look at the look at Paul's quote in Ephesians, and it says that he takes and then Paul says he gives what he's talking about is God sends, gets gifts, right? And then he descends, gets gifts. Go then. In a sense, he's talking about his triumphs. And what we have here is a picture of God takes the spoils from the war. And then he gives those spoils to men. So Paul is, is, is actually so there's Ah, there's two different tax that Paul would be quoting from. One says that God takes one says that God gives and we go, Oh man. See, that's why the Bible doesn't fit well, both of them are legitimate translations. The idea here is this. Thank God who all authorities. He gives that to Jesus. That same God conquers. He triumphs over evil and he takes the spoils. And he takes those spoils then and he gives them to us, his church so that we can say, Look, there's a line here. You've been conquered, We've been given the spoils and those spoils it for us to grow. That's a good picture in my mind, right? Because because if we don't go down that path, what happens? We go to a discipleship class, you go. Oh, I should feel I feel a little bit pushed to maybe share my faith and to call up somebody so we can study together. That's a completely different thing in my mind. Then go on. You know what? God, it's conquered and he has taken the spoils of his triumph and he has taken the spoils. And now he's given them to me and all authority has been given to him. And he commands me now to make more disciples and I'm with you. And not only am I with you, but you're going to buy my power under my authority with the gifts that I'm going to give you. So what do you wait enough? Why you screwing around? Strike that from the video? Why are you messing around? That's that's the impulse that we should get out of here. So? So The point is this. If the commission, if the command is great enough for us to sacrifice all things and make that more than kind of our purpose but our purpose right, then the way that he tells us to do that, the the gifts that he gives so that we can accomplish that has to carry great importance as well. That's a shift for me. I'm just going to be honest. It's a shift. The laser focus of the local church, this freeing shift for me. I was talking to a guy that I coached a couple of years ago, and now he's in college and he called me up and I'm thinking, he's like, Can we meet? Way could meet my man. It's not gonna be good. And, uh, I honestly thought maybe you got his girlfriend pregnant. There's along those lines, but it wasn't that he just basically a guy who would profess Christ all the time that I've known. He basically just scuffled his relationships, and he's been living a hypocritical life, etcetera. They got exposed. And here he is, just feeling just feeling love. And so I'm talking about I'm talking about clarity. I'm talking about the line. So here's a problem, Man. You have blurred that line now, all your friends, because you have lived for yourself under your own authority in your own kingdom, you have lived for yourself in the name of Jesus, and you have totally blurred that line. Then I just said, But you know one. That's exactly what Christ died on the cross so that you, your old self, would die. That hypocritical line blurring old self would die. And then he rose again so that you would live, that you would live for him. And I want to tell you, man, I'm hoping that God is grabbing your heart Right now. I'm hoping that he's saving you right now. And I want you to know I so appreciate you calling me and letting me say these things, just sharing your life. But I want to understand As we go forward, my door's wide open. I will. I will be there. I would disciple you. I will mentor you. Then I go like this. Go. But if it's me that's going to do that, you need to come to my church. You need to come to the local church and engage Why? Because that's God's design, and that's what he needs to be engaged in. He needs to come. If he's a believer. As of Friday, he needs to come be baptized, say yes, I'm in, and then he needs to have the accountability while I'm mentoring and disciple ing of all of you saying, You know what? Your life does not match your profession because guess what's been missing for last four years? Exactly that he could profess profess professor professor, but without the body of Christ, he's never going to be accountable for what he's professing. And so what happens? The enemy wins because that line gets drawn. How God saves him. He gets into the local church, and that's the on ly hope that he has to be clear about his salvation. He's. Remember. You have a friend teacher, in other words, saying Disciple with your church don't recite something there and because they're afraid that if you do that you p m their spiritual life by decide. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What page is that? Okay? Okay? Yeah, Well, we've got going over that. We'll be reading that specifically next week, but that's it does. It does. It doesn't kind of really fit. So your question is Okay, so he says that we're actually doing damage if we disciple somebody from another church. Okay, So what do you think my response to that will be based on our discussion today or your disagree. And it's fine. And I know I'm putting on this, but but I'm trusting that you can handle it. I guess what? I want to do it. So thought I hadn't thought about that one. Yeah. And good. If you had a good church, good teaching, then that's where you should be plugged in. So we had you, so we just had We just had a situation last Sunday. I think I mentioned that one of our players dads come in suicide last Sunday and they're connected to a church. They go to church, and so we're over. They're caring for them because they're our friends. We just love him, and that's a totally appropriate and we're caring for them. And we've got some experience in this area of funerals and walking people through the grief and all that kind of stuff. And so we have a lot to offer, but it's very. It's very important in my mind that the local church they're connected to has the opportunity to show their care without us meddling in. And it's the same thing for one on one disciple ing of other people. If it's the people that were disciple ing or at a place that just meats and they're not getting the gospel and they're not getting teaching, then I think maybe we disciple them by saying it may be wise for you to come here. The big picture that you're still got. Like you're wondering. The big picture, though, is this is that we are Is everybody a member here for Andrew and er your pseudo So you're you're good to go, right? So So the point is, though, that as members of Grace Church, we have decided that this is where we're going to draw the line. This is the group of people that we are going to prioritize in that list of all those people, right? We're going to sew, sew, sew that the youngsters I love the kid. I love him And I would I would I have spent time where I love people, and I just I just give him my time. But it's outside the local church, and I'm not doing him any good. I'm not doing myself any good. And I'm not doing my my fellow members any good because this is God's design that we would disciple within this context, somebody you prioritized thes people first. And if they're if it's ah, it's an evangelism where you're you're proclaiming the gospel to persuade them. Then you want to bring him into this church. That's what you want. You should be proud of Grace Church. I know we're not perfect. We're working hard so that you can be proud. It's easy to be proud the regardless where you are, This church where you have crossed the lines that I'm driving my steak right here. This needs to be your priority in relationships. We can't good. Nothing so a month and and we know. Well, then so that's the quest. That that's where you. Okay, But love dictates that I don't leave them out there, right? Maybe love love means that I'm going to give this person. I'm not gonna give you it narrowly. I'm gonna give this person what they need, not they want what they want. I'm gonna give them what they need, not what's comfortable for me to give. And that's where wisdom comes in. I go. Maybe me taking him under my wing as they're engaged in this other church. Maybe that's not the most loving thing for them because it's not what they need. If they're in a good church, you tell them to go. Absolutely. Because you need to disciple them in understanding what we're talking about. The day which is the importance of the local church. Now it could go. We could go both ways too. You may go in love. What? They need his support and encouragement right now. Yeah. Move. Come on, Grace. What they're not right, but okay, but well, I mean, you're asking the right questions, but I'm just trying to do extrapolated this whole understanding of the local church and making disciples because if that's your scenario there, they're plugged in somewhere else. But they're not getting what they need. They need it from you. I mean, you just say, Well, you don't go to my church. I'm not talking you. Absolutely. That's not adult. Don't hear me say that. But if you're going to disciple that person, well, are you going to cycle? We're going to say OK when you read God's word and you understand that he's growing us up into the image of Hiss son, you're going to see in Scripture very clearly that his secret weapon to do that is the local church. So I'm gonna disciple you to plug into your church, not just not just we have connections over there and then get something from heat me and then something from over there, those kind of things you're going to say you need to plug in there Yeah, sure. Yeah, I was reading like what else I like. Just basically things, you know, disciple within your church. Yes, sure. Okay. No, no. Well, that's the And that's why we're talking about this. And this is good discussion. So I'm good with where we are right now, just but think of it in these terms, is it wrong to disciple somebody outside the local church? Absolutely not. I don't hear me say that. I don't hear Devers say that, but understanding the importance of the local church because of how God uses it is now going to give me some data points to make wise decisions on who I prioritize to give my time too, right? Yeah. So, I mean that that situation, like somebody's going to get getting badly. Uh, like if you know, you come here or that I'm competing. How Still respected? Persuasive but also avoiding him. Sister passed for the sister church that you have relations like, for example, like Razor Church Miller. Good. Don't be acting really take responsibility for yeah. Got caressed your elders. I love lucky disciple. There's a lot of people relationships I don't They're not Steph. Okay, s. So here's the deal. Here's the deal. I want to make sure that we're not looking for Yes and no, it's It's not that it's wisdom, right? How dowe. I love somebody. How do I not steel sheet? If I steal sheep, it's because I want to get something that somebody else has. Well, what's the antidote to that? It's love. It's not like How do I How do I get all these discipleship notches on my belt? How do I How do I make Grace Church the biggest church in the whole world? Because it's the only place that the gospel is preached. Is that love? No, that's a bunch of immature people just being tribal. But love says, But Love says that I want to give this person what they need, and you know, if if they're at a place and they may be at, I'm just saying, they may be at a church where they're not getting the truth and they're not getting the gospel and and they're not going to get an understanding of establishing and you needed prayerfully consider inviting them over to a place where they can if they're at a place and you feel like they can do that, I would. I would assume that a church would give them what they need pushing that way. That's called discipleship, by the way, all right, you're going to take all of these things. You're going to say, OK, I mean, teach you some things about the local church. This is where you need to go. Let's pray about it together that's completely different. Is that also important are it's like but sight. That's a great segue way, because here you have two more sessions and disciple ing and in our very next class is going to be right in line. It's called evangelism, and I would I would expect to hope plead bag that you guys would just continue. This whole discussion is gonna build upon its itself when he says, Make disciples, That's avenge Jules. Make disciples okay who make disciples make disciples? So it's both disciple ing and evangelism. Our proclamation of the gospel, a clear proclamation of the good news of the Kingdom of God. Okay, one is to is to proclaim it to persuade evangelism. One is to proclaim it to grow deception. That's that's That's how they they are married. So we need to know that we're going to talk about in a minute here. We're going to talk about the gospel and how to think through the gospel. In our world, Our last session will be all gospel as the pivot point as we get into evangelism. So, yes, you're correct. So but we're talking about his friends. A believer goes to another church that you have a relationship with. Do you disciple them? Maybe, maybe you enter into a long term study, but should you prioritize them over people in your own local church that you're a member of, I'm just gonna say no. Right now if there is somebody that, uh, you have a good friend that you care about and they're just struggling spiritually and they're just coming to you and they're isolated from their their people is it appropriate for us for you to say, Hey, pray for my friend? Hey, would you mind having dinner with us all so we can talk about the word? Absolutely. I'm not saying don't do that. I just didn't know where if you know where it fits, right? So because I'll get it, I'm gonna make one more point on that. Think about if you say okay, that's a scenario. You've got a friend, you say, uh, Teresa Jody. Um, bring your husband's over and let's eat And let's just pray together And let's talk about God. Look for opportunities just to encourage my sister in Christ. Well, what do you do it? Your disciple ing Teresa and Jody, and you're giving them an opportunity. Disciple, you in this contacts where you're reaching out to that person right now, we're working out this culture of discipleship and not feeling the angst of meeting everybody's needs. So that would be the way to look at it any other thoughts? Yeah, I threw food. Yeah. Disciples, food and reading. That's that's what we do. All right, so let's do this. So on the back of your sheet, let me ask you to read. This is these are just quote that I pulled out of the reading from five and six. That supports our discussion today. So I give you the page numbers. They're basically just talks about the bones and the muscle, and then the gifts. What we have in there, we've covered this for the most part today, so I don't want to spend more time on it. I do want to point it out, though, so that you'll read it and kind of reinforced. Look, maybe look it up in the book. This our discussion today really maps well, with chapters five and six of this I play. So let me encourage you to read that. Okay, That clear on what? I was just saying there, so we've got wait five minutes, So I want to talk about, though. I'm gonna get back to our I wanna get back to our flight pattern R Christian walk. Last time we met we were asked there was saying, Well, can you explain all the little little stuff in there right now that you can't read in there? Yeah, I did that on purpose because that is a picture of the Gospel. So here's our growth. We know that here we're hitting Erasmus. Hitting trials, fiery trials of life. Okay, what we should see is if we value so So this is, um this is time, right? Christ, like here. However, I just want to say so. So as we look in this right, we're gonna draw the line profession of faith. Now I'm in. This is my growth. Over time, I'm gonna be like Christ. We talked about being baby Christians and children and young adults and and, uh, then spiritually parents who reproduce point being that if this is what is kind of our purpose, if this is kind of our offices, our purpose, then we would know that through suffering what's God going to do? He's going to mature us going to conform us into the image of Christ. Our identity is going to grow. So if I used the term, I'd x my identity and Christ versus identity and me. Okay. That's going to grow. What? How does that change? The way that we think about trials in life, these little fires? They're good. What we'Ll What we'LL Sufferings. Good pain's good. None on trials or good pain is good sufferings good When I'm not happy, that's good. You are. You guys were like spiritually parents. That's true. So, I mean, this is what keeps us from being tossed to and from, right? So my point is, as we grow, one of the ways that will approach those fiery trials is opportunities to glorify God at the same time and opportunity to send when it's an opportunity to glorify God, to be confirmed conformed Mohr into his image. Then we have understood this picture. So that's what we're talking about. So now here in the have, like, two lines and I here, we get to repentance and all that. Okay, So I'm gonna go draw this up real fast as an introduction. No, We're going to come back to it next week. Then we're going to really hit it hard in the following week. Okay, So what is this right here that aren't? That's not a very good Darryl. What's that right there? That were that? Two prongs. You guys with me? Okay. Okay. Just right. So we're going to talk about this right here. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna explode it a little bit in preparation for next week. Get that. We don't know. I done. I am done right now. Okay. But I'm gonna I'm gonna give you this introduction, all right? In that timeline, what we have is life doesn't do the flame. Okay, That's life. Okay? And we can respond to life. We have a couple strategies, if you will. Okay. One strategy is to control my world through rebellion. Huh? I'm not going to follow the rules. I'm gonna do it my way, and nobody else is gonna tell me what to do. Is that pro gospel or anti gospel? Okay, so this direction of the flight pattern is that the through overtime, we're like, Christ, Is that in the direction of the flight pattern? No, it's It's the opposite direction, right? And so if somebody is responding toe life with this strategy that they in or they out, they're out. Okay, that's easy, right? This is smoking and chewing and going with girls. That doing okay, that's what that is. Now, if I hit the same life in my strategy, is to be good. To follow the rules. Is that legitimate? Is that a good, contrary strategy to rebellion? It's better. Why? You're gonna be better for you. Okay? The kitchen. Transit. Okay. Exactly. Okay. So they made me kind of speed up our conversation here. Okay, The point here is that when we deal with life, there's two basic strategies that we have. One is to just say I'm not going to follow the rules. I'm doing my way. Nobody's gonna tell me. Do you think the other strategy is to follow rules to be good so that God owes me And in both of the they're really not opposite strategies. They're the same strategy, because in both strategies, I am working out my own salvation. I just have a different strategy to do it. This is me growing up. I mean, I thought this if I'm a good guy, I'll get what I want and guess what it worked. And then I gotta got to this place when I said so here I am. And I said, I got to college and I said this was this good guy gig hitting me. So what did I do? Swing over here. Okay, So I go in my time and I'm gonna I'm gonna live for myself because this isn't working. Well, that's not work. And that's not me. I've got more moral scruples than that. Guess what I did. Well, I got swing back over here. How long's that gonna last? Well, I got a whole another strategy where I'm gonna work out my life, and it's not going to give me what I need. So what do I gotta do? Well, I better I guess I'd better find a balance in here somewhere. That's a That's an important picture of the Gospel because that's how we think. And this is exactly what Galatians kills. This is why our identity and Christ matters. I have identity and me here. I gotta live up to a CZ. Well, it's here. But we talk about the gospel, the good news. It's a completely different way. This is the trajectory of the flight pattern. Go ahead. So, like honey, you take two are being Seems like Scripture says like that if we lived like potential, the cost operator's No. You that becoming hyper spiritually become Kanto? No. That's That's exactly where Pan went right. It's better than this better. Don't you wantto Don't you want to hang out with nice people? Yeah, and I'm just telling you when we proclaim the gospel clearly this model's everything up because we don't put this in the category of rebellion against God. So here's what. Here's what You just let me finish. Let me finish this up and then you can go if you have to go. So what happens then is that we have to repent this way. Not this way. In other words, I'll repent over my my over rebellion and I'll also repent of building myself up in God's name. Do you think maybe I had this in mind when I'm talking to this guy on Friday back now what's gonna happen? So I tell you, this is my story, right? So I'm so ingrained in this that I go to this church and this pastor puts myself in Andrea in charge of youth. And I'm not even a believer because I look good. You know, I'm not I'm not off the cliff in rebellion, all those kind of things. So I hit Romans twelve and I'm going Holy mackerel in view of God's mercies after after my body's a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God. I've never done that. I need to confess and repent of my good guy strategy and me doing good things, right? Things for my own glory, for my own identity. Because what would happen? I'd be a good guy and I'm newly married. And guess how that worked? Well, any time Andre didn't give me kudos for being a good guy, how did I react? I'm angry. Why? Because it's not working for me. That's why. So I need to repent of being a good guy. When I repent of being a good guy, How does my behavior change? You tell me. Stop being a good guy. No, it's my heart is transformed. So now I'm motivated. Be a good guy not to control my world, but to please God love. I'm not being a good eye through the lens of how it affects me. I'm being a good guy through the lens of how it affects God. And you know what? He commands me to do this. I'm not actually a good guy. That's repentance. This is the gospel death. So when you see in our in our fly pattern you see fiery trial, two strategies, both lead, Need repentance. Then I worship God that this in these two. Well, that's what we're looking at. So we'll talk about that more guys when we start going into two evangelism. This picture right here is so helpful in our society. Jeff, will you close us in prayer?
Jamie Self

Jamie has served in full-time ministry since 1999. He loves serving Christ, discipling men and eating smoked beast. He is proud to be married to his beautiful, godly wife Andrea and enjoys spending time with his two adult children, Makenzie and JJ.

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