1. Jesus Ignored

It is essential to the heart of the gospel to insist that God declares us to be just or righteous not on the basis of our actual condition of righteousness or holiness, but rather on the basis of Christ’s perfect righteousness, which he thinks of as belonging to us. — Wayne Grudem

Legalism has its origin in self worship. If people are justified through their obedience to the law, then THEY merit praise, honor and glory. Legalism, in other words, means the glory goes to people and not to God. The true gospel however teaches that all human beings are fundamentally flawed by sin, and thus salvation is only available by relying on and trusting in God, who has sent Jesus Christ to atone for sins. GOD receives the glory and praise in this gospel because in his mercy, He saves helpless sinners through his work of Jesus Christ on the cross. The desire to obey the law - as a means of justification - though it appears commendable, is actually an insidious way to try and gain recognition before God. — Thomas Schreiner

2. Legalism Exposed


A. Renew Your Faith in the Wonder of the Gospel

Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God’s grace. — Jerry Bridges

B. Renounce Your Good Works as Gaining you Righteousness

When we come to God, we must bring nothing but Christ with us. Any ingredients, or any previous qualifications of our own, will poison and corrupt faith. He that builds upon duties, graces, etc., knows not the merits of Christ. This makes believing so hard, so far above nature. If you believe, you must every day renounce, as dung and dross (Phil 3:7,8), your privileges, your obedience, your baptism, your sanctification, your duties, your graces, your tears, your meltings, your humblings, and nothing but Christ must be held up. Every day your workings and your self-sufficiency must be destroyed. You must take all out of God’s hand. Christ is the gift of God (John 4:10). Faith is the gift of God (Eph 2:8). Pardon is a free gift (Isa 45:22). Ah, how nature storms, frets, rages at this, that all is of gift and it can purchase nothing with its acting and tears and duties, that all workings are excluded, and of no value in heaven. — Thomas Wilcox

Chris Daukas

Chris grew up with a loving family and in a moral home, but despite his upbringing, he was a sinner in need of grace. In his sophomore year of college, Chris yielded his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He began to devour the Word and was soon helping to lead bible studies, outreaches, and worship at church. He married his beautiful wife, Tara, in the summer of 2000.

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