1. The gifts of the Spirit are for Christians only

I suggest that at least one of the questions being put to Paul ran something like this: “Is it really true that spiritual manifestations (πνευματικά, pneumatika) constitute unfailing evidence of spiritual people (πνευματικοί, pneumatikoi)?” — DA Carson

2. Every Christian is gifted by the Spirit for the common good

What then, brothers? When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up — 1 Corinthians 14:26 (ESV)

3. God is sovereign in the giving of His gifts

A “message of wisdom” is most likely the ability to give guidance for dealing with challenging circumstances in a way that is consistent with Christ’s stress on self-sacrifice for the well-being of the other. A “message of knowledge” would seem to be a message marked by theological understanding, including understanding based on (Spirit-inspired) study of Scripture. The gift of “faith” seems to be an extraordinary God-given confidence in his saving power and presence informed by the knowledge that he is now acting to sanctify his name in the eyes of all the nations. The gift of “healing” would be the privilege of being the recipient or the channel of miraculous healing. The gift of “miracles” would be the privilege of serving as a channel for the (miraculous) eschatological manifestation of God’s power to save and to judge. The gift of “prophecy” entails the communication of a message given by God as a response to and tailored to the special needs and issues of those gathered to hear it. The gift of “distinguishing between spirits” is a special ability to evaluate the origin, authority, and application of a prophetic message. The gift of “speaking in different kinds of tongues” is the ability to speak to God in unlearned human languages. The gift of “the interpretation of tongues” would be the ability to translate or interpret what was said to God through the gift of tongues. — DA Carson


Appreciate the gifts you have 

### Appreciate the gifts others have


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You can open up your Bibles to first Corinthians, Chapter twelve, one through eleven. I want to share a story with you of one of the best and worst gifts I've ever gotten. My wife, Terra. It was three years ago, coming up in May. It was it was around Mother's Day time, and we had decided that year that we were not going to do Mother's and Father's Day gifts for each other because it's kind of complicated, right? So, like she's not my mom, not her dad. So why are we get each other gifts? But then the kids don't really do the gifts. And so we, you know, tossem head shakes like, What are you talking about? Well, it's going to get worse for you here in just a moment, eh? So we decided not to give gifts this year and instead just, you know, just get cards and whatnot. Saturday night, the night before Mother's Day, the doorbell rings were also at the kitchen table. The doorbell rings. It's a delivery man with a box, and my kids rushed to the door to see who it is, and there is a package, and I lean over to terror, and I say, Hey, I got you something. I'm really excited about this gift. This is going to be a game changer and her face lights up with that smile. That the kind of smile that's like, Oh, you got me something Even though we agreed not to get each other gifts. You're an awesome husband, and I'm like, Yeah, I know for about three seconds because the kids opened the door and brought inside a long, tall package Long, tall brown box and terrorist says, What did you get me? It better not be a broom if you accept. And in that moment I knew I had made a serious mistake and my face must have showed it because Sarah then followed it up with this fabulous sentence, which I will never forget. Please don't make me have to tell my friends that my husband got me something to clean the house better for Mother's Day, and I felt sweat. Chris would come down my brow. See what happened was earlier in the week. I had flown to Seattle and I visited my twin brother. He was recovering from back surgery and so he couldn't bend over he couldn't pick things up, and the thought occurred to me that my wife has a bad back and she's bending over and she's picking up all sorts of toys and little things all around the house. And I thought, Well, there's a solution to this problem as I watched my brother pick up toys around his his house with this thing that's officially called the gripping grab. And so it works like this toy. This is Princess, that Sorry, that's a little dangerous there, and you pick it up and then you, you know, throw it on the front row and it works Amazing. And I thought, This's going to be a game changer for Terra and And so I know that I said you could take this. Thank you, Keith, for your help. I know that we said no gifts, but I was like, I'm going to get her this claw like thing. Anyway, I want to get her. This, which I quickly clarified, was not a Mother's Day gift at all, because we said no gifts, right? We said no gifts. This was a no reason gift. I got it for no reason, and it came just happened to come the day before Mother's Day, and I actually redesignated a gift to myself. It was a gift. I got myself to pick up all of the things around the house for terror because there was no way I would ever get her this claw for Mother's day. And there was no way she should tell any of her friends ever that her husband ever would maybe someday get her this kind of thing. Three years ago, on a random Saturday night, it didn't happen. You guys buying that? All right, well, I learned a valuable lesson. I learned a few lessons. Ah, from this. And I hope you can learn to for the love of all things righteous men. Don't ever do this to your wife. Let my stupidity guard you and keep you from a similar fate. That is all I ask for my error Second. And babies surprising to you is that this claw has actually proven to be a great gift. It's actually proven to be a great gift, just not for Mother's day. Okay, but it is actually good gift. I multitask when I'm on the phone and I pick up all the toys that are downstairs and then tear comes home, and she's like, Wow, how did the house gets so clean? And I'm like, It's the claw of time telling you it is a great gift. All of y'all should buy one and get one. Yeah, but just not for Mother's Day. Here's the lesson that I've learned that helps us with our actual sermon today. A great gift used in the wrong way or in the wrong context won't actually bring the blessing it's designed to give. That would have been my wife's experience. Ah, great gift. Using the wrong way in the wrong context won't actually bring the blessing that it's meant to give, and the flip side is also true. Good gifts, given for good reasons and used for good purposes, are a great blessing. Tohave. So hopefully that's a helpful backdrop to now. Look at what's happening in the church in Corinth because we're entering into Chapter twelve. And having dealt with many other issues in the church, Paul now tackles one of the most significant issues in the letter and one of the most significant challenges that was facing the church in terms of divisiveness in the congregation, and it was around this topic and around this idea and practice of spirituals, gifts, even still today in our culture, our dark, our country, our churches in America, spiritually, gifts become a very controversial topic. Separate many people from one another in the church and corns. It was a church of disorder. There are people who are running all over the place claiming spiritually experiences. A static experience is from God, some of them legitimate. Some of them may be not legitimate, but the picture of what's happening in the church is it's a church that's out of control. It's a church that's causing problems. Is the church that's being puffed up by what they're experiencing. It's a church that's interpreting mystical experiences as somehow being a sign of greater maturity. So if these things are happening to you, you must be like Super Christian person. And instead of being the blessing that they're intended by God to be to point us all the Christ. These gifts were actually causing factions in the church divisions, disunity. And they write this letter to Paul and they're saying, Help us figure this out. Help us figure out these spiritual things. These gifts, where what are they? Where do they come from? How are they supposed to work? Why do people have some of them and not others? What's supposed to regulate these gifts? Who should do that? And maybe most importantly, how do these gifts relate to the gospel, which is at the core of everything? In this letter, we cannot enter into chapters twelve to fourteen and sort of pluck it out of its context and disassociated from the main point of the letter, which is to reveal the gospel. So how do these gifts reveal the gospel, which is at the core? And we're going to answer these questions over the next five or six weeks as we preach through this letter, and I'm going to encourage you now we're not. There's no way I've been studying these passages for decades. There's no way that in six Sermons you're going to hit every question of yours answered. But what I want to encourage you to do is write down your questions along the way. And then, after the sermons, Air Donner, you know, as as the week goes on than E mail those to me or E mail those toe one of the elders and we will try our best to make sure we can make clear as many of the questions you have to give answers. My hope is at the end of Chapter fourteen as we start our march towards Easter, Chapter fifteen and the glory of the Resurrection, that we would have this great gospel understanding of what it means tohave the spirit and have the gifts of the spirit at work in our body. So would you please follow along with me as I read now? Chapter twelve, verse one, Paul, right. Now concerning spiritually gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed. You know that when you were pagans, you were led us straight to mu idols. However you were led. Therefore, I want you to understand that no one speaking in the spirit of God ever says Jesus is a cursed and no one can say Jesus is Lord except in the Holy Spirit. Now there are a variety of gifts, but the same spirit. And there are a variety of service, but the same lords. And there are varieties of activities. But it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good. Four to one is given through the spirit the utterance of wisdom and to another Thea utterance of knowledge according to the same spirit to another faith by the same spirit to another gifts of healing by the one spirit to another, the working of miracles to another prophecy to another, the ability to distinguish between spirits to another various kinds of tongues to another the interpretation of tongues. First eleven. All these are empowered by one and the same spirit who apportions Teo each one individually as he wills. Pray with me, please, Father, this is your This is your word. And we're so glad to come to it this morning. Your word is meant to nourish us. Your word is meant to give us life. It's not meant to just shape our heads but our heads and our hearts and move our bodies in tow. Living sacrifices for you. So would you do that this morning? Got I'm asking for myself. I want a hunger Mohr for you, Lord, because of this words. So please got move in our midst this morning. Give us the spirit that we read about here. Give us that spirit's power this morning to understand what this word means and to love it. And what I pray that you would give us Ah, heart that runs hard after you through this in Jesus name Amanda. I've got three points this morning first. Coming from this text, the gifts of the spirit offer Christians on Lee. The gifts of the spirit are for Christians. On Lee, Paul begins verse one Now concerning spiritually gifts. That phrase actually just means spiritually things now concerning spiritually things. Brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed he wants to inform them, teach them. And if I them on what thes spirituals things are that they're experiencing in their church. In fact, everything we read over the next three chapters, Chapter twelve, thirteen and fourteen, is meant to inform them and us on what thes spiritually things are. He doesn't want them to be uninformed, and yet, right from the beginning, we find something very interesting. You might think you might think that verse one would go straight to verse. Four. You might think that Paul would start off like this. I don't want you to be uninformed. There are a variety of gifts. Seems like that would make sense. But there's something really important happening in versus two and three. Paul wants the church to know this church has also what a confusion about what the spirit does and how it works. And he wants them to know that there is something fundamental to know about the spirit before you ever get to the gifts. There's something fundamental that we must know when it comes to the spirit, and here's what it is. The most important thing about spiritually things is to actually have the spirit that's the most fundamental thing, because the gifts of the spirit are on ly. For those who have the spirit and on Lee, those who have an authentic allegiance to Jesus as Lord get the spirit. That's what he says here, inverse to look at it with me, he says. You know that when you were pagans, you were led astray to mute idols. However, you were led. Go back and look at the beginnings of this book and and you'll see that idolatry has come out throughout this book. He's talking about about their idol worship, this fake worship. It's fake news about fake gods. And he's saying, You're running off after these things that aren't really in all different directions. However, your lead putting your hope and putting your you're you're trusting them as if they have real power. Same thing we do. We we might not have a statue. You know. There may be a lucky rabbit's foot. Maybe it's a job title. Maybe it's the next high. Whatever the idolatry is, it leads us astray prior to coming to know Christ. And he says, Every single one of you is in that boat prior to Christ especially if we talk about addiction in this church, of how we help those who are addicted to help those who are suffering and struggling. It should make us just a little bit slower toe look down our noses. Other people who struggle with stuff that we don't because Paul says this's all of us. All of us have spiritually addiction to sin every single one. And he says, You know that you know that you remember that clearly before coming to Christ. So then here's the question. What makes a person truly, spiritually what makes a person truly spiritualism a powerful experience? Is it a certain kind of quiet, introverted, mysterious personality? In our in our day, there is so much a passes for spiritual mysticism is in. People like to say they're not religious, but they're spiritually. And when you hear that from some of your friends may be in the college campus, in the places where you work and you hear people say I'm not religious, I'm spiritually it's you throw up red flags in your mind like what does that mean? What does that really mean? That you're spiritually DEA. Carson suggested that one of the questions being put to Paul that he's responding to in this letter ran something like this. Is it really true that spiritually manifestations constitute unfailing evidence of spiritual people? Does the experience make you spiritually? And Paul's answer is no. Then, yes, no and yes, on the one hand, unless that spiritual experience comes from the Holy Spirit of God, it's not a true spiritual experience. You're not, then a spiritual person just because you've had some sort of mystical experience. But on the other hand, all who have received the spirit are spiritually people, and therefore all Christians have spiritual experiences. What he is establishing here. Why this is so important is the two sided tests, the two sided test for true spirituality of true Christian orthodoxy. When he says, on the one hand, no one speaking in the spirit of God ever says, Jesus has a cursed and no one can say Jesus is Lord except in the Holy Spirit. So this is what he's getting. Uh, if you've been given the spirit of God, it's a spirit dwells within you. You're a believer. You're Christian. You cannot curse Jesus by that spirit because the spirit of God is the spirit of Christ. It's not possible. And then on the other side, he's saying, If you haven't been given the Holy Spirit, then you can't confess Jesus as Lord, because that revelation on Lee comes by the spirit. We see that in John three. When Nicodemus goes to Jesus that night, you can on ly confess, Jesus has Lord by the spirit. Now, don't get cute here. He's not saying that some college atheists coffer who's not a Christian is unable to mumble the words Jesus, his Lord under his breath as a joke to prove that the Bible is lying. Hoxie. I knew the Bible wasn't true because it says, I can't do it. I'm not a Christian. Jesus is Lord, huh? That is not with the Bible, Assane. All you're doing if you do, that is proving that you don't understand historical context. Because when Paul writes this, what he means when he writes this is that when it really matters, listen when it really matters. Stay under the threat of death. Okay? Historical context. As Nero is impaling Christians around his palace and he's dipping their bodies in wax and he's lighting them on fire as human torches. Okay, not some college joke. When Christians are being tortured and persecuted at the threat of death, when Caesar declares supreme allegiance to himself under the threat of persecution or death. And you either give your allegiance to Caesar or you give your allegiance to Jesus on Lee by the spirit of God in that kind of moment, can you say Jesus is Lord? And if you have the spear by God's grace, you will confess it. That's what he's saying. This is the litmus test for the deepest conviction in your heart. Is Jesus really the lord of your life? The season at a different context, then just talking about spiritual gifts and who does this and who does that? I think Paul wants us to start here because he wants to see the whole conversation about spiritual things in the right context. It's not first about the gifts. It's first about possession of the spirit, which comes to the believer on ly through Jesus Christ as Lord. That's paramount when it comes to God's gift that the gifts that these flow out of true and genuine relationship with God. And so I can't continue the sermon without asking you the question. Do you have that kind of relationship with God? Do you know God to know Cisco? Do you know him in an experiential way? Have you come to the place like we sang about earlier? Where were sin and shame are put away? Have you come to this cross where Jesus dies for us? Have you come to acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of grace? Have you come to acknowledge that there is a God who exists? Who's a creator who created you? Who's owned you? Who made you and you have you have sinned against him. Have you come to a place to recognize that that sin is going to be punished? Have you come to the place where you realize there is nothing I can do to make God happy with me? Apart from Christ? Jesus is the Lord, because Jesus paid the ransom for our sins through his death on the cross and brothers and sisters. You've got to get this again this morning. This is still today. The best thing you're going to hear. Jesus died for us. He paid the curse for us. Thie irony here is that according to Jewish law, Jesus was a cursed for our sins. Because Kirsten is everyone who's hanged on a tree. Galatians three says, But God doesn't leave Jesus in the grave. He rises them up from the dead and he crowns him as Lord. Over all of Philippians too. Says one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. What Jesus is, Lord. So it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. Will it happen in judgment or will happen in salvation? If you believe this truth that Jesus is truly Lord, you will be saved from your sins and you will be given the gift of eternal life and you will be given the Holy Spirit, and it's like they're in the gospel. There's just like and and and it could go on forever, and you'll be given the gifts of the spirit point to. Every Christian is gifted by the spirit for the common good versus four through seven. Every Christian has gifted by the spirit for the common good. Paul now begins to address these gifts more directly, and there is a very clear point he wants to make and how he writes these versus look a verse for, he says. Now there is a variety of gifts, but the same spirit. And there are a variety of services service, but the same lord. And there are varieties of activities. But it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. To each is given the manner vexation of the spirit for the common good. The basic truth here is that every Christian has been given gifts by the Holy Spirits to help the church. That's the basic truth that's here now. The way that these gifts should be used is actually the point of the next three chapters. But here he's establishing for the Corinthians, who have been just so confused about what's going on that these gifts are really they do come from God and they are good because God gives them and God is good. And so God gives good gifts for Jesus or, oh, God gives good gifts to his church and you can see in verse seven what the purposes for these gifts R. The purpose is for the common good. The purpose of your gifts is for others. The purpose is for the common good. Now that's not meant to say that you can't take personal joy and using your gifts as if that somehow invalidates them. But what he's saying is that these gifts don't exist exclusively for your benefits. They're not meant for you. They're meant for you to give away toe others. Just as God gives you gifts, you give your gifts away to others. And so God gives good gifts to his church for the common good. This's the keepers for the entire section. Keep verse seven in your mind for the next six weeks. Okay, I'm gonna quiz you for seven. It's gotta be your minds for the next six weeks. It is so key to the whole study, because if you remember that going back to Chapter eleven when he talks about head coverings, that is really an issue about the community. And then he talks about the Lord's supper. Now some are coming and getting drunk and filling up and leaving those who don't have anything to bring that there's this disparity, and it's affecting the community. The spiritual gifts topic in twelve to fourteen is not just him trying to give doctrine, he's trying to address their community, how they function together, how they live together. Travesty in Chapter fourteen that he says. What then? Brothers, when you come together not just at your home but when we gather each one has a him. A lesson, a revelation, a tongue or interpretation. Let all things be done for building up. So how does the spirit work in the congregation? Well, Paul says in a variety of ways. Did you see that word? How can you miss that? He says it three times. Variety of gifts. Variety of service, variety of activities. Not just you know, not just Pastor Chris with his gripping, glad grab claw hab front. He works through the body, the whole body in many, many, many different ways. Variety, variety, variety. And yet he says it comes from the same spirit, the same Lord, the same God. What we're going to see throughout this section is that there's pride happening in this church, and there's boasting that's going on. There's people who are getting upset with one another, and they're comparing their gifts to one another and their ranking each other based on who's more important based on what gifts they haven't. We would never do anything like that, right? That would never happen in today's church all the time. There's this comparison. There's just putting second class in first class and who's wearing Think about it. In football terms, somebody has to throw the ball. Somebody has to catch the ball. Somebody has to run them off. Someone needs to tackle the guy who's running with the ball, and someone needs to be able to kick the ball through the uprights without hitting the goal post twice. Not bitter at all. That all fifty three men on the squad there's eleven on offense was eleven on defense. There's a variety of skills that are necessary to make a team run well. But there's a reason why the quarterback position is the most coveted position in all of professional sports. There's this elevation, and the church can sometimes function like that there. There's a variety of gift, but sometimes people want to elevate other people with certain gifts to a place that they shouldn't be, and they hold them in higher esteem to the exclusion of others. Your gift is so not important compared to mine. I'm saying they despise other gifts. The count them as meaningless. And Paul is making a point here. It's very simple. Y'all with me still points very simple variety, variety, variety, but same. Same God, same lord, Same spirits. There is one source, God, the gift that you have and the gift that you have. Whoever it is, I'm indiscriminately pointed to you right now that those gives come from gods. God is the giver of the gifts. God is the distributor. God is the empower God stands behind all the diversity of the gifts to make the church into a beautiful collage that it can't be. If it's all the color white or all the color red or all the color brown, there is a collage. There is a well oiled machine that's being built with the different dears. They're all turning in its own ways to make the machine work. God gives each gift for the same purpose. The common good of the church. That's the point as we start this whole topic off. The point is, the diversity of the gifts magnify the one giver of the gift God and God knows what he's doing when he gives these gifts versus eight through eleven. God is sovereign in the giving of his gifts. Four to one is given through the spirit, then looking. Then look at first nine, another to another faith by the same spirit and then inverse anniversay nine to another. Gifts of healing by the one spirit to another, the working of miracles, prophecy and the ability to distinguish between spirits to another various kinds of tongues into another. The interpretation of tongues, all these air powered by one and the same spirit. This is one of the few places in the Scriptures that Paul gives a list of gifts. You see this here you see the Romans twelve Ephesians for eleven, first Peter for eleven. There's four places, and none of these lists match up. So some people think that these lists are thie the like. You know these are all the spiritually gifts. I don't think that's true because of the list. Don't match up is, he writes. The one Cherokee says this and another church. He says this. I think that this is not an exhaustive list. What Paul is likely doing here is not trying to just describe every single gift that is given by God, but rather some categories of gifts that can be understood to help them get some clarity, but there's the gifts of the spirit are broad. The order is different in each of these sections, and so there's not cohesion on it. So what are these gifts? DEA Carson gives a brief summary that I just I just quoted because it's short, concise and very helpful. So he says, a message of wisdom is most likely the ability to give guidance for dealing with challenging circumstances in a way that is consistent with Christ. Stress on self sacrifice for the well being of the other. So you know you have those moment mints in life for you, like I just need a word. I need some guidance and that brother or sister is able to speak to you, and you can see it now. Clearly, in the Gospel, a message of knowledge would seem to be a message marked by theological understanding, including understanding based on spirit inspired study of Scripture. The gift of faith seems to be an extraordinary god, given confidence in his saving power and presence, informed by the knowledge that he is now acting to sanctify his name in the eyes of all the nations, The gift of healing, which actually, in this taxes gifts of healing. It's plural. There's multiple distributions of this gift. The gift of healing would be the privilege of being the recipient or the channel of miraculous healing. The gift of miracles will be the privilege of serving as a channel for the miraculous as scatological. That's a huge word. It just means end times end time manifestation. Like when God comes to say, finally, that there is going to this miracle, it's brought into the now this ass scatological manifestation of God's power to save and to judge the gift of prophecy entails the communication of a message given by God as a response to and Taylor to the special needs and issues of those gathered to hear it. There are Sundays when I'm preaching, and I'll say something like off the cuff, and I will forget that I even said it and some of you will come and say That thing you said was the exact thing I needed to hear right in that moment. I think that's the gift of prophecy. The gift of distinguishing between spirits is a special ability to evaluate the origin, authority and application of a prophetic message. It's kind of like a discernment gift. The gift of speaking in different kinds of tongues is the ability to speak to God and unlearned human languages. The gift of the interpretation of tongues would be the ability to translate or interpret what was said to God through the gift of tongues. This is the list. It's not exhaustive, categorical to help them understand that these gifts come from God and that their good and that therefore the use of the church and because the rest of these chapters talked more about these. I'm not going to drill down today. Please afford me the opportunity to save some of the material for the later sermons. And I would like to just ask the question here. Now, what do we do with this knowledge? What do we do with it? What should you do with this knowledge that God gives you gifts as a Christian and that these gifts are good and that therefore the church and that God distributes them as he pleases? What should you do with that? And I would like to encourage you in two ways this morning. He's helped me this week as I as I thought about my life first, is to simply appreciate the gifts that you have appreciate the gifts that you have. How much time in your life do you spend wishing you were someone else? You were taller. You're prettier. You were skinnier. He were this. You were that. How much time do you spend your life thinking? I wish I was different. And you don't need to answer that question out loud. You could just think about it. Here's what this says. This is so powerful. First eleven, Look at it with me. All these gifts are empowered. Buy one and the same spirit. All gifts by one in the same spirit who apportions? He gives them out to each one individually. As he wills. You see that? I just read the actual texts he gives us. He gives the gifts from the one spirit diversely each one individually as he wills it's God wills who will as you will as I will know as God wills. He gives these gifts individually as he wills, So don't picture This is like Santa Claus and like he's just Christmas time. He's got all of these toys to deliver. And he's just overwhelms what delegates into his elves. And they botched the whole thing. And you just sort of got left out. Don't view it like that, he says. He gives you the gift individually. If you are an individual, that's you in Christ as he wills, which means God's wisdom is brought to bear on all of the gifts you have. God wants you tow, have the gifts you have. God doesn't want to make you like somebody else. He wants to make you just as you are in Christ. He he wants your gifts to be added to the church to bless the church. So appreciate the gifts you have. Appreciate the gifts you have. You have them for good God reasons. And if you don't know what gifts you have that my encouragement to you, even though this really isn't what this passage like is pushing us towards. But my advice to you would be start serving somewhere and let the people around you encourage you If you have those gifts. And by the way, don't be offended. If they say, I don't think this is for you. Then we can move you to a different area because you have gifts to be used for the church, People might point out, Hey, you're really good with children. Hey, you really have a way with words. Hey, you really love to help people In practical ways, you haven't insight into counseling, and they can and they can help you see what your gifts are Application number to appreciate the gifts you have. And then second is appreciate the gifts that others have. And I think for me, this was one of the most challenging sections or thoughts for from this section. Because this kind of teaching destroys jealousy. It renders jealous jealousy powerless because jealousy arises in our hearts because we want to be valued. We want to be known. We want to be the guy. We want to be the girl we want have we want to be recognized, and at the bottom of that is pride, and you know it's there because when someone comes along and they do the same thing you do. But they do it better than you, and you start to like, Oh, which they weren't here, which they found a different church and you start grumbling and you're like, you know that you've got an issue here with jealousy. It's choking you from the inside out. And Paul is saying here in the Gospel like Chill out in the Gospel because all the gifts come from the same gods. All the gifts have the same purpose. All the gifts are meant to be a blessing, so there's no room for jealousy. There's no space for because every gift is perfectly arranged, like Robert Smith garage. If you've not seen his garage, it is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Jerry Self can build a stage like this, which he built out of paper clips. I promise you, he's a fantastic gift. Tommy can lay down beats in the back and wrap in a poetic way that captures the spirit of the Psalms in a way that I don't know many people can. Nino's Michelle gives out the gospel like it's candy. Theresa Johnson Praise like prayer works, which it does terrorist things like he's bringing the roof down. Nobody outworks Sherry Ballenger and nobody bakes a better cake than her, either. And you don't have to be like any of them. You'd have to be like any of them to use your gifts unless you are of them, of course, but you don't have to be like any of them to use the gifts that God's given you and make a difference for his kingdom. Listened you our unique, unique, uniquely created, uniquely gifted to build up the body so that every member plays his or her part. And all of that by the same God, the same lord, The same spirit for the common good. And when we have this mind together and we're not battling it out to see you know who's better, then the other people. But we can actually appreciate what God's own appreciate the diversity. We will be a chair to testifies to the power of the gospel I want that. Do you want that? If you want that, can I get an amen from the crowd? Come on. Let's go, guys. And your Christian. You've got gifts. Let's use him. Let's use him for his glory. Father, I want you to bless this church with more and more. And that is not a selfish prayer. God, it's a prayer for your glory. But it requires Lord us being in Christ. And I am grateful that this morning we have many in this room who know and trust Jesus. I would pray father for you to bring in more pray specifically for those in the room who don't know Christ or won't won't follow him that she would open their eyes, they would turn and they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, do their faith in you and and God, I pray that you would build us up more and more into a body that loves one another and serves each other and speaks words of grace to each other and pray you would guard us from sin, which is so evil and opposite of your holy spirit. I pray God that there's people. If there's people in the room this morning and they're struggling against sand, that you'd give them victory and that you give them hope, and then you give them joy in you Lord so they could taste the goodness of the spirit. We love you, Lord in Jesus name, Amen.
Chris Daukas

Chris grew up with a loving family and in a moral home, but despite his upbringing, he was a sinner in need of grace. In his sophomore year of college, Chris yielded his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He began to devour the Word and was soon helping to lead bible studies, outreaches, and worship at church. He married his beautiful wife, Tara, in the summer of 2000.

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