1. Don’t make it about you (1-5)

2. Seek the benefit of others (6-19)

Let not those who hope in you be put to shame through me, O Lord God of hosts; let not those who seek you be brought to dishonor through me, O God of Israel. For it is for your sake that I have borne reproach, that dishonor has covered my face. — Psalm 69:6-7 (ESV)

How can you benefit those in the body?

  • Coming to the gathering at 10:00am looking for who you can encourage in the Lord
  • Praying with each other after church
  • Sharing Scripture
  • Listening to each other’s stories
  • Sharing a meal
  • Contributing to the benevolence fund
  • Asking someone you met to go to coffee with you
  • Reading the Bible together 1-1
  • Texting your community group what God is showing you
  • Sharing a Scripture or encouragement with the body
    • Prophesy is not mystical
    • If you are a member and you have something to share with the whole church, come find one of the Elders and we will see if it fits into the morning.
  • Anything that builds up the body of Christ

3. Don’t create unnecessary confusion (20-25)


Note: This is a machine transcription, and it has not been reviewed for accuracy.

We're in first Corinthians Chapter fourteen and I think it's a It's just a proposed to use a big word. It's a proposed that we're talking about building projects when we're in the book of first Corinthians Chapter fourteen, because chapters twelve to fourteen is all about building. And you saw in the video I like that one. The one section when all of those guys are working together holding up that big piece of siding toe build the to build the sheep pen. There's no way that one person could have carried that one long piece of siding all by themselves. I saw Tyler was in that video, and Keaton was in the video and David was in the video and Toby was in the video and somebody else was in the video. I couldn't make out who it wass who was there was a J. T. J. T. Was in the video. I thought maybe it was just skinny Dallas. I thought maybe I gotten so skinny that he was like J T. Now. But all of these people are working together to do what one person can't do on their own, and they're holding up that that siding and they're placing it up there. You notice Jamie was in the video? He wasn't actually doing anything. No, I'm sorry. He was directing. He was managing. He was. He was. He was interceding with groans for them. Anyhow, the whole point of chapters twelve to fourteen, is that God is building something epic. He's building something epic of epic proportions. And that's not just hype. There's literally nothing in this world that is being built that is more significant than what God is building in the church. Nothing, nothing comes close to touching this. This is God's central project toe build up, The church book of Ephesians says, into the stature of the fullness of Christ into maturity. Churches moving from immature, intimate sure that the church would reflect the glory of Jesus and all of his splendor. Romans eight twenty nine says that he's making us more and more into the very image of Jesus. That's not just individually, though. That's true also, but as a church. Collectively, it says again, Ephesians chapter to that, he's bringing us together as Christians so that we would be built up into this living temple. A temple is physical, writes a building were spiritually temple. He's building his church. It's honestly, when you think about it, it is staggering that God calls you and me to be a part of something so fabulous. The church is not just a building we meet in the gym. Church is not a building. The church is is the people that God has saved and redeemed and brought to himself. And he's building his church. And here's the crazy thing. He's using the church to build the church. So not only are we the walls and the siding and the roof were also the hammers and the two and the nails where the tools were the instruments that God uses. He gives his church varied gifts empowered by the Holy Spirit toe help move this building project towards its intended goal of maturity. And if you're Christian, you get to be a part of that. How cool is that? You get to be a part of that. That's what God's doing and we've seen In the Book of Corinthians, Chapter twelve to thirteen, we've learned a number of things about gifts when a when a recap for you here. God distributes gifts to each person when they become believers, so if you're Christian, you've been gifted. These gifts are diverse. No one has all the gifts. Every gift plays a role in the building project, whether it's big or small. All gifts contribute. All gifts are given for the common good, all of these air for the purpose of the overall project. And then, as we saw last week, none of these gifts really ultimately matter if they're not motivated and propelled forward in love. Love is the magic. Love is the special sauce, if you will. For the building project, Paul goes on to say in Chapter thirteen that Gibbs, they're going to pass away so much like my athleticism did as I exited my twenties gifts. Once there are going to be gone, we're going to go away their temporary. They are a means to an end, but love will sustain all the way through. And so that's where we've been. Chapters twelve Chapters thirteen As he's dealing with this issue that they wrote to him about in their letter, and now we're going to dive into the weeds a little bit this morning, we're going to start getting to the to the heart of the controversy of corn. There is a controversy happening in this church is actually many from Paul wants to address with him something fundamental that they're missing about the building project. It's possible for you to be a Christian and to miss fundamental things about what it means to be the church. In some ways, I think that the Corinthians I missed the whole point of why they were the church. As we look at this this morning, it might expose the same thing in you. I don't I don't want you to get a hung up this morning on all of the details that are in this passage, and when I'm not saying is that the details are unimportant. They're very important. But we're not going to able to get into all of the details of this morning's gonna require a lot more time, and I want you to write down your questions. I think I said this to in the beginning of Chapter twelve, right down your questions. Email them to me. We're going to catalog them. If there are questions that you all have, and it seems like there's a pattern, we will address them. I might even do a sermon. That's just just your questions, all right, so I'm not trying to avoid all of the details in here. I'm just simply saying there's no way to get into everything here. Don't get bogged down by that. If you see something, you don't understand what that is, right it down. Let's learn together because I don't want us to miss the reason why this passage is here. Yes, he's going to address things in specific. Yes, he's given instructions. But he has a greater goal in mind for this church that they wouldn't miss the point. Don't miss the point this morning of what it means to be the church and how we're to live together as a body of believers. Let's pray this morning that God would give us grace toe, not miss the point. Well, Father, that prayer begins with me. I pray that I would miss the point. Help me as I preach, Lord, to take what your word says into share. Or there's some in this room who haven't decided yet what they believe about who Jesus is. And I pray that you would help them this morning through whatever means necessary to come to the place where they say, Yes, I will give my life to following Christ because I believe he is the answer to all my sin. Would you move in our hearts that way. Here in this room for your church gathered this morning. God, we pray for you to build us up. The very thing this word commands us to do. We're practicing now. Give us your spirit. Give us your spirit, Lord. Lead us into these things. Be our teacher. This morning we pray together in Jesus name. Amen. The focus of Chapter fourteen narrows down now from the nature of the gifts, the purpose of the gifts. And we saw the broad distribution of the gifts, too. The fueling of the gifts in love and now Chapter fourteen talks about two gifts. In particular, he's speaking directly to the main two main gifts that were causing controversy in the Corinthian church, the gift of prophecy and the gift of tongues. So let's just begin by trying to understand what are these gifts before we try to understand what they're supposed to look like. So the gift of prophecy is a gift that the Lord gives through his spirit to bring forth God's mind in a timely way. That God's the truth of God's word would come to us as his people in endowed with the Holy Spirit, and that we would be able to share that that mind of God, that word of God. And we were able to share what God thinks and what God desires and what God wants. And as it receives by the here, it makes an impact beyond just sort of like, Oh, yeah, well, that's that's That's good truth. But like profound and resonating, says at the end of a verse twenty five. If you just look at that last verse, it says that one of the effects of prophecy is that falling on his face, he will worship God and will declare that God is really among you. That God would be made realise one of the effects of the gift of prophecy Now New Testament prophecy. I know this gets confusing. New Testament prophecy is not to be confused as the exact same thing as the prophecy that we see in the Old Testament. Nor did to be confused with sort of a Nuestra Dom. It's kind of like thing. So in the Old Testament, where the word of God came to one man directly and that man spoke that word and that was the binding word of God. Thus saith the Lord. If you disobey that word, you're disobeying God, well, that's not exactly the way that New Testament prophecy works. It's the same word, but it's not exactly the same. It's it's in the same family. It's a speech, but it's not primarily directed to give like life directions. Move here, go here, do this, Do that. It's not meant to be primarily predictive. Thus saith the Lord kind of thing. Look, a Verse three first three says that prophecy is for up building encouragement and consolation off building encouragement and consolation. It's taking what God's word says in bringing it to somebody in a way that makes a difference. That's what prophecy is in short, So what? Our tongues, tongues are the supernatural gift of speech, where someone's able to speak in a language that they themselves don't understand. So I'm speaking to you right now in English. Some may say, I don't really understand it. English is a really hard language if you study it, but you don't know what you're speaking. You don't know what you're saying, Steve. This in the Book of Acts Chapter two. When the spirit falls on the disciples, they're able to speak in the languages of the people who had gathered there for the feast. So all of these different peoples from all these different dialects come together well, how are they supposed to understand? Well, God gives them tongues, and they begin to speak and proclaim, and people are hearing the word of God in their own language. It's a supernatural gift, and there are volumes of books written on these two gifts. But in the end, but I don't want you to miss. Is that both of these gifts? Our gifts of the tongue? Some have serving gifts so you might have the gift of helps. Some have sorting gifts, so you might be an organizer or administrator. Those kind of things and some have speaking gifts, preaching and teaching in prophecy and tongues. And Paul is writing this because something is going wrong in the church. In corn, they gathered together into their house for the church. The gathering of the saints and tongues are being used, and it's causing confusion in the church because they're not using it right there, not understanding the right. And they've missed the point. And Paul is writing to say The main point here is to build up the church in Christ. The main point is build each other up in Christ, used your gifts in love tto build up the church in Christ. We talk about being a fruitful community and a faithful presence and part of being a fruitful community, like what it means to be a fearful community is toe build each other up in Christ as we are built in Christ So we will be fruitful. Christ has made known through the ordinary Ministry of the Spirit empowered Church who loves God. And if you miss this, you have hijacked Why were here this morning to make it into your own thing? It's people don't come here early on. The set up team doesn't come here early on Sunday morning because they love chairs. Okay, They don't come in because I just really love to set up chairs. So, like, if it was a choice between sleeping in or setting up shares, they're coming here. No, it's to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And I praise God for all of you who got here early this morning and every morning every Sunday morning to set up this church because it's a part of building up the church into a fruitful community. So I see this passage as like a tutorial that Paul is writing back to them. And if he you know, if if Jamie and I and John and Greg, if we had consulted with Paul and we talked about it, maybe he would have said to the Corinthians, I doubt it. Maybe he would have said to the Corinthians, Hey, here's how to have a fruitful community in your day. I think that's what he's trying to get out here and I see three things in this text that'LL help the church be the fruitful community, and I hope that we will be this truthful community as well. First thing I see versus one three five is Don't make it about you. Don't make church about you. Let's read the text together Chapter fourteen, Verse one, he says. Pursue love and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophecy for one who speaks in a tongue, speaks not to men but to God, for no one understands him, but he others mysteries in the spirit. On the other hand, the one who prophesized speaks to people for their up building and encouragement and consolation. The one who speaks in a tongue builds up himself. But the one who prophesized builds up the church. Now I want you all the speaking tongues, but even more to prophesy, the one who prophesized is greater than the one who speaks in tongues. Unless someone interprets so that the church may be built up don't make church about you. Don't stumble. The believers in the church by making church revolved around you. Now there are specific reasons why we gather together as Christians in the same room Sunday By Sunday, week after week Small go back, just Paul Group. There are reasons why we do this from God's words. We do it to glorify God. We do it to worship God were made as his image bears to worship him. We do it to treasure the fullness of Christ together in a way that you can't do it by yourself. And so we do it. For these reasons, all of our gifts and energies are mentally put in this direction. And that's why Paul writes. This opening section is he's encouraging the church. Pursue love, love one another. Yes. Be about the gifts. Yes, be about building each other up because the church and corn had straight. Here is the problem with the church in corn. The church would come together and someone or some people who have the gift of tongues, would begin just shouting it out in the middle of the congregation and just sort of going for it. And and nobody understood what they were saying. And guess what their response was to this. Wow, that's so amazing. That's so crazy. That's supernatural. That's incredible. How easy it is for human beings to get pulled away by the shiny things of the world. Even the shiny things have got because it is supernatural. It is incredible, and it is amazing. But like a like a like a magic trick at a kid's birthday party, Some of the Corinthians were like, Let's see this again. Do it again. Do it again. Do it again in the drum, be of the church became tongues. Let's get those tongues of fire that up. And these tongue speakers were held in highest theme in the body. They were like the cool kids at school. So if you have the gift of tongues, you were thought to be one of the you know, the special Christians. You have the cool gift. And so, in this weird way, this good gift that God gave for good purposes gets twisted and becomes something about self, rather to be something about Christ. The church became about this gift. Paul is trying to challenge him in what it means to be the church, and I think this is so appropriate for us in every role that we have in the way that we serve one another in this body. The church has never meant to be the platform to build your status. It's not the place where you're supposed to beginning more and more followers. It's not the place we're supposed to be pumping up your your name. The gathering of God's people is not the time to soak up the individual spotlight. That's not the goal. The goal of the church is to build each other up. It's just like what we saw on that video. This's an architectural term. The goal is to put up siding and to paint Diablo yellow for the church shines as light in the that that house was, it zooms out. You're like no one's going to miss that yellow House, right? Like that thing is like a beacon now and that in that community, and that's a Paul is trying to get out here when he says, use your gifts in a way that build each other up. So the goal is not your status. And so, for that reason, he's encouraging the church, especially that you may prophecy another translation of that verse. One could be, but rather that you profits. I earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, but rather that you prophesized remember, he's He's responding to what they've written to him about these two gifts. What about tongues? What about prophecy? I don't think he's trying to make the argument here. That prophecy is like the best gift you can possibly have apostles and teaching and preaching and all that regeneration and all that other kind of gifts. They're here. But prophecy is the highest gift. I don't think he's saying that. I think he's saying, in light of your question, in light of your concerns, let me direct your attention to what seems to be the less spectacular one of the two. It's actually more useful than tongues. Here's his reasons. Look at first, he says. Here's here's why tongues our speech from man to God. So it's like a prayer, right? Prayers are from men to God, and no one understands what he's saying first, too. But prophecy is speaking to the church just more like preaching and teaching and exhorting, and those gifts for up building and consolation and encouragement that is, has inverse for tongues buildup, the one who is speaking. So it's a good thing, but prophecy buildup, the one who is hearing and listening So it's got this broad effects. So for this reason, Verse five, the one who prophesized is greater than the one who speaks in tongues because prophecy builds up the church. All gifts are beneficial. All gifts contribute. No gift is unimportant. But not all gifts do the same work of building up the body. And that's why Paul in correcting them, right? They're going crazy with their tongues. He doesn't say never used tongues. It's not what he says. He doesn't rule out tongues altogether. He just has. Between these two gifts, he's going to set the paradigm between these two gifts. I've loved for everyone to speak in tongues, but even Mohr that everyone would prophesized. So then, now you can swing the pendulum and go from one end and be like, Okay, everyone should speak in tongues. He just said Right. I'd love for everyone to speak in tongues. I don't think what he's doing here is putting out a blueprint for what the local church should look like to be a healthy church. Unless you think that he thinks that a healthy church should also be full of celebrates because that's what he says in Chapter seven. Go back in your mind. I'll just read it to you because he says in Chapter seven, I wish that you were all single, as I am now as a concession, not a command. I say this. I wish that all were, as I myself am. So unless you think that God wants everywhere the Polish, everyone just to be celibate and that's what the healthy church looks like, we have to be careful of pressing things too far. This is like him saying, Look, tongues are good. I speaking times myself, I wish you all had tongues. But the goal here is not that the gift mixes that everybody has all of the same gift. The goal here is that as God's sovereignty, distribute the gifts to build up the body of Christ that they're used in the way that makes sense for the church to grow. So that's the main point is, don't get hung up on Don't get hung up on all the details this morning. I commend you to study, but that's the main point. That's what builds fruitful community. Not a bunch of people using their gifts in a way that don't help anybody. And that's what he says. And versus six through nineteen, look there now with me in this way. That Paul is paradigm. That Paul is is creating it now helps us see that the overwhelming value is intelligibility. That's the key word here. Intelligibility, that it's intelligent, that it makes sense. He wants words to be used that make sense to the soul when it comes to the church. Otherwise, people won't be built up. So let's read. Actually now Verse six. Now, brothers, if I come to you speaking in tongues, how will I benefit you unless I bring you some revelation or knowledge or prophecy or teaching to kind of see how is already contrast in this? Like if I If I do this, it won't help unless I do this. And then he gives an illustration. If if even lifeless instruments such as the flu or the harp do not give distinct notes, how will anyone know what is played? And if the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle to the interesting? It's an interesting parallel here. I'm gonna bring my my trusty assistant in on this ke throw birds and we're gonna have a little demonstration of how this works for us this morning. So I want you to raise your hand when you have identified. What melody? This the song is. So go ahead and raise your hand when you know what it is. Some of your like it. Wasn't that at the dentist office? Alright, Alright. Noticed no one raised their hand, right? Fairly indistinct. Okay, Now I want you to raise your hand when you know what this next melody is. Don't let go, Rose. I'LL never let go. It's not Braveheart, Ninos. All right. You can cut you. That's going to be closing song this morning for so you can cut it now. Thank you. Every night I get it. So you get the point right? If you don't know what the malady is indistinct it doesn't doesn't do anything for you but every one of you shot your hands up like I know that toe love story. Well, he goes on to say if the lifeless instrument such as Fluto Harp don't have to speak notes, how will anyone know what's being played? And if the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle? I did a little bit of study on on bugles. The bugler is actually what you call somebody plays the Bugle scientists study on bugles this weekend. In the history of war, the bugle was like massively important. It was an essential form of mass communication. They didn't have Jamey's loud voice to say All right, everybody gather up So they had a bugle. That's what they used. And what that bugle would do is that when a sprawling army was all spread apart, it would let them know at any time of day. What what time of day it was and what was happening. What actions they needed to take it told them that communicated go forward retreat flank holds so you can imagine. It's essential that the bugler plays the right notes. It doesn't start playing Celine Dion rights. So fire up the bugle track here. You know this. Right. You've heard this before, right? So you're charging forward rights. All right, So imagine that if the commanders had determined at the moment tow, tow, mount the attack, they're going to be like, This is the right time and they're going to mount the attack and they give the bugler the order. Any plays? Dude, did it? Did it all on there. Like, What's the lean Dion? This doesn't make any sense at all. And more importantly, no one would take action, right? That's not going to lead you into battle, I guarantee you that. But the bugler plays and it's heard, and it's understood. It's intelligible. They know those notes together mean do this thing. First nine. So with yourselves. If with your tongue you utter speech, that is not intelligible. How will anyone know what has said for you will be speaking into the air. Just picture the bugler just just in his notes and like no, not making any sense. There are doubtless many different languages in the world and none is without meaning. But if I don't know the meaning of the language, I will be a foreigner to the speaker and the speaker. A foreigner to me. Now I have this this awesome, hard experience that some of you shared with me this last February when Nikki and Anthony spoke on this panel that the Assyrian community put on about drugs on DH, the epidemic of drugs. And I went there because I love them and I want to support them. And I wanted to hear what they were going to say. And I walked into this meeting and I heard people speaking the language and I was like, I have no clue what is happening right now. And I look over at Nikki and I look over at Anthony. Anthony spoke, and Nicky spoke powerfully that night, and I look at Nino's. So I look at my friends are there and I'm like and they're just, like, not in their heads like Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And I'm like, What are you saying? I was like a foreigner in terms of the language, but my heart, full love, but a foreigner in terms of the language, in fact, interesting side. Now hear the word foreigner comes from the word The word is Barbara's. And how that word actually got created was, was as people went into into foreign countries and they heard the language of the other people. It just sounded to them like bar, bar, bar, bar, bar, bar, bar, bar, bar, bar, bar. So the word Barbara's got made, and it means foreigner, thanks to the word here in the text. I was like a foreigner for just a few moments. And then the one who was speaking slipped into English, and that was like, Oh, yeah, Okay, now I get you and I'm like, Yeah, I'm with you I understood I was able to be benefited from speech. And so Paul says, if you're going to speak in a tongue in a church service whose purpose is to glorify God and to unite the clans. Just using your brave heart. If that's the purpose, is to unite us together. Someone needs to interpret that tongue so that it can be understood. Verse thirteen. Therefore, one who speaks in the tongue should pray that he may interpret for If I pray in a tongue, my spirit, I will my spirit praise. But my mind is unfruitful. What am I to do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with my mind. Also, I will sing praise with my spirit, but I will sing with my mind. Also, he's making the same point just in a different way. Otherwise, if you give thanks with your spirit, how can anyone in the position of an outsider say amen to your Thanksgiving when he does not know what you are saying for you? Maybe giving thanks well enough, but the other person is not being built up. I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you. Nevertheless, in church in the gathering, I would rather speak five words with my mind in order to instruct others than ten thousand words in a time because it's not about the gift. You see that it's not about showcasing your gift. It's not about I got to use this gift. It's about building up. The church might build up the church, not use your gift in that way. He says. No one's been able to say Amen. Can I get a name n? And I say that to you and you very, very poorly. Say it back to me. That's okay because you got to believe it, right? Like it doesn't make sense. Doesn't matter if you say amen and you don't believe it, right? The word amen actually means true. Like when Jesus has truly, truly I say to you in the Greek, it says, Ha main Khamenei. It's a men. It means true. And when you say amen, you're saying that's true. I'm behind what you're saying. Can I get an amen for that? All right, that's how it was to work. How is spoken Supposed to do that? If they've got no clue what you're saying, they can't. And so Paul is saying, Let this shape the way you think about church. You love the shiny things, Corinthians. You love the manifestations of the spirit. That's good, because all Christians have, um, But if you're eager to see these things happen, all the Mohr strive to see the church built up. First twelve Excel and building up. The church used your gifts for the sake of the church. It's not about you. It's not about you. It's about building up the church. So my question to you is, Is that how you think? Is that how you think Sunday mornings at eight A. M. As you're starting to think about the gathering of the saints at ten o'Clock from members and ten thirty for those who come off the streets? Is that how you think is this? Others focus the way that you think. I'm just I know I'm saying similar things here, but the danger that the Corinthians faced was that they thought that these tongues, these manifestation of the spirit in tongues, were more spectacular than anything else. And and they were distracted by the brilliance of the gift, and they missed something even better. They missed something even more dazzling. They missed the ordinary ministry off the body that built each other up. That's dazzling. That's breathtaking. That should be the thing on the promo video. That's what the gifts are meant to do. They're meant to point you to the glory and sufficiency of Christ who died for you in your place, taking your sin to give you eternal life, and that's what it's supposed to do. It was toe build you up in that? That is awesome compared to somebody speaking in gibberish. Can I get a name n from the crowd? They've missed the ordinary ministry. Ordinary ministry is dazzling because order ministry listen carefully. If anything but ordinary ordinary ministry is dazzling because ordinary ministry is anything but ordinary. Don't take it for granted. It is deeply, spiritually. It is Holy spirit powered. It is profound. It is how the church becomes fruitful. It is how the church is built. As we yield to the spirit and we serve each other with our gifts, we will see God take ordinary people like me and like you with endowed with supernatural gifts to do extraordinary things. These gifts are not like the kind of gifts you get. A Christmas writes like Christmas or kids like Christmas is the best time of year. You're looking forward to the gift you already have your Amazon wish list going for for Christmas just in December, and you get a gift that Chris at Christmas. And it's like this gift is for me. It's for me. I get to open it up and I get to enjoy it. And for the adults, it's like another Amazon gift card. All right, thanks. But it's not like that for the God gives us gifts, and we're giving those gifts away. That's what's meant to be. We're giving those gifts away for others that they benefit from that Amazon gift card. You're just like you get a card and you get a card and you get a card. Everybody gets gives the benefit of these gifts in the body, and the goal of that is that God is made. Riel, I'm telling you that when God uses your gifts in the life of a believer, he has made riel from the from the from the what seemingly insignificant, which is not to the most amazing displays, from the setting up of chairs to the healing of the sick. God is doing dazzling things for the sake of his glory. I thought about this this week about ordinary ministry, and I remember very clearly how meaningful it was to our family after terrorist mom died. Can I remember the influx of food that came pouring in and remember that people would just pull up a CZ. We were sitting out front and crying and and would just drop a meal off and really wouldn't even necessarily say anything at the time because there's nothing to really say and just showing up and using the gift of hospitality was such a blessing. There's actually someone in the church now full on a fairly regular basis, still brings our family a dinner to help offload the pace of life that we're keeping just to be a blessing. This week, someone took the time to send one of my kids a letter of encouragement and what that person didn't know. Who sent it was that that particular kid was actually struggling really hard with something at that time. And if you had seen the timing of the letter, you would have thought, This is crazy. This person has to actually be in our house with us right now. And so I wrote the person back and said, What made you write this letter and the response I got was this. I was just listening to music and felt like God wanted me to write this letter a simple letter in response to the prompting of God boom, extraordinary impact. Or when I met with my older brother Jeff this weekend shared a little bit about my challenges in my life right now, and he just kind of off the cuff, said, You know what I've been reading lately? That might, Minister t was Psalm sixty nine versus sixty seven. Here's what it says. Let not those who hope in you who's hope and you be put to shame through me, O Lord, God of hosts Let not those who seek you be brought to dishonor threw me O God of Israel, for it is for it is for your sake that I have born reproach and dishonor has covered my face and that scripture really spoke to me this week. Are you Are you doing this kind of thing with the church for you? Are you just showing up and going home? I think it passes like this should cause everyone of us to assess what's my participation like at Grace Church? Or if you're a guest coming from other church, your church, what's my participation like here um I engage with each other in my my invested Alistair bag says it like this has my attendance with the people of God this day helped to build up others. Has my attendance with the saints helped them face their Monday? So is that your mindset as you walk in the doors as you come in And as you see as you come in at ten o'Clock, Why would you come early to church, Teo Fellowship with the saints toe. Pray for one another to encourage each other to be a benefit to one another. Why would you come take a class on Sunday mornings where we're trying to roll up these classes so that we can equip you two to be faithful Christians? Why would you come take a class on Sunday morning? That means getting there early. Yeah, but that way you could benefit others what it look like for you to do that? I'm gonna give you some really practical things. Things will be on the website. Write down. What? What? God speaks to you. Maybe it is coming at ten o'Clock and looking for someone who you can encourage in. The Lords just have eyes open. Just walk in to begin to ask people how they're days air going. Maybe it's staying after church and praying with people. I see people praying after church in little pockets for things that are going on their lives. That's that's awesome. Maybe it's sharing Scripture with another person like my brother did with me like that. It doesn't have to be this big, mystical thing and just be I was reading this. I thought of you. Maybe it's just listening to each other stories, just taking the time to say What's going on, What's going on in your worlds. Maybe it's sharing a meal with someone or or contributing to the Benevolence fund so that when somebody gets a really hard time and it's harder in that time to organize all of the saints together to move quickly, we have we have some funds we can we can move and we can help them. Maybe it's taken the initiative. Tio, go meet up with someone for coffee that you don't really know or leave. You've been building a friendship with someone in community group and you think I need to make this go a little bit farther? I want to get together with you this week. Read the Bible together with someone one on one. It would be awesome. This summer, we're we're wanting to roll out some some training on one on one kind of discipleship and even a book that can help you do that and pair each other up in tow one on one ministry so that you can learn how to just have that kind of ministry going on and equipped the states. So maybe that's something you do. I know I've been really encouraged when people in my community group text Nicole boxing is awesome at this. You'LL just ask How can I pray for you? And then this string of prayers come out from everybody? Well, if she doesn't text that maybe we're not thinking about it and nobody knows. And we're able to pray for one another. You might even have a scripture or something you want to share. That's true about God and you want to share it with the whole body on a Sunday morning and and and you want the whole body to be encouraged by that, you can come to one of the pastors, and we can see if that fits into our morning We want. We want to be a place where God's truth is being spoken of in this church. So these ways and probably one hundred other ways are ways to build up the body of Christ and tow, have fruitful community, don't make it about you, speak the benefit of others and the last don't create unnecessary confusion. Versus twenty three twenty five, Paul ends this section by same brothers. Do not be children, and you're thinking be infants and evil, but in your thinking be mature in the law. It is written by people of strange tongues and by the lives of foreigners. While I speak to this people, and even then they will not listen to me, says the Lord. Thus tongues are assigned not for believers, but for unbelievers. While prophecy is a sign not for unbelievers but for believers. If therefore the whole church comes together and all speak in tongues and outsiders are unbelievers. Enter. Will they not say that you're out of your minds? But if all profits I, an unbeliever outsider, enters, he is convicted by all he has called to account by all. And the secrets of his hearts are disclosed and so falling on his face, he will worship God and declare that God is really among you. God's presence is really with his people. So if you remember in Genesis eleven, all the nations of the Earth come together that come together to build this tower to heaven and then God scatters them and scatters their language. Now people can't communicate as well, and he quotes here, and I'm going to just barely be able to hit this quotes here. Isaiah twenty eight eleven through twelve, where in the book of Isaiah Tongues is not the cool gift that's not to give that everybody wants tongues is actually a judgment here. It's a judgment. Gods, Gods judging them. He's against them. He's gonna have foreigners, You're going to speak to them. And it's going to be a sign of that judgment that no longer are they gonna have the word of God that's intelligible. They're going someone speaking them and they're not going to understand. And Paul says, in the same way, when people come into your church and everybody is speaking in tongues manifesting the spear in this unintelligible way, they won't draw the conclusion. Hey, those guys are pretty cool. They're going to say those dudes are crazy, the way it's translate. Here's they're out of their minds. Part of being a faithful presence is that we don't create unnecessary confusion for the work of the Gospel because it's distracting them from the main point and one of the jobs of the churches to think through the leaders. The church is to think through how to communicate in a way that keeps everybody pointed forward in the same direction. But, he says, if someone comes from the outside and they hear prophecy, he says of all our profits, they're convicted by all God has made riel. No, I'm not isolating this my last point here. I'm not isolating this toe on ly preaching because God distributors give broadly. But there is an aspect in preaching, and I and I wonder if, as he's writing this, if he's thinking about this in some way in which preaching happens somewhat dominantly on a Sunday morning, I mean prophecy happens somewhat dominantly through preaching, as the preacher preaches. And as the church a men's there, is this together, experiencing the word of God being applied there. Is this this benefit of prophecy, There are timely words of God happening, and I can tell you one hundred stories of how people are cut to the heart by something I set when I was preaching that I can't even remember it just kind of got thrown in there as, like, a throwaway line just brought to mine and just threw it in there. And I walked off the stage. I'm like, Man, what a poor sermon that was again And someone comes up and says, Man, when you said that, it was like you were reading my mail It's like you lived inside my head. It's like, You know what's going on? And I'm like, Dude, I don't know anything is coming on Like I can barely make it to church on Sunday, just like you guys. But the Holy Spirit knows what's going on, and the spirit takes these words from the preacher who's tryingto exalt these words, Hear God's word and puts it into your heart so that even something I wasn't planning on saying God speaks to you gives me a lot of encouragement to preach, because I know that that my words made out be great, but God's word is great and got puts it into your heart and so we just need to get out of the way. We need to get out of the way. Don't make it about you. Make it out, building others up, get out of the way. And don't make it confusing so that the Spirit and Power Church of God may do its job and help people know Christ and a treasure him and this thing about him and to preach him and to pray to him into fellowship around him, and that we could take this gospel toe, all the nations. That's what we called to Dio. Amen. Let's let's amen together through prayer as we come to Communion. Father. This this word is is hard to understand in places. But thank you for us. Thank you for giving us the ability this morning to not miss the main point. We want to be a church that leans in to you, knowing that you've given us gifts to bless each other so that you would be treasured in the hearts of the church. Pray for conviction, Lord, that if there's anyone here who's not engaged in rial, ordinary supernatural ministry in this body, whether they call themselves a member or not, I pray God that you would give them a passion to do so. I pray, God that you would draw people from this room right now to Christ and remind them of the saving work of Jesus for them. And we pray God, that you would help us keep the vision in front of us, build us up in Jesus name payment.
Chris Daukas

Chris grew up in a moral home, but didn’t find the grace of Christ until he was a sophomore in college. He began to devour the Word and was soon helping to lead bible studies, outreaches, and worship at church. He married his beautiful wife, Tara, in the summer of 2002.

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