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What I want to do today is gonna take a look at you. Want to be kind of interactive, started pushing this toward more practical. So I want to be thinking about some of the things that we've talked about it and then start writing down potential names of relationships. You want Phyllis Farr disciple or cycling just going through some of the things that we've been using? Some tools. But we've talked about We can answer some questions as well. Going back to your hand out we go through this is reading food to disciple. I forgot to put down the page number so he goes through. Put some some things that Victor expires with recycling, which insightful disciple. And then next week we'LL do a recap. Basically want to do half the class recapping all of the things that we've gone through starting out with Matthew twenty eight, making disciples connecting that to love specifically. And I won't say that after the six weeks I have come to a a finer point on how to how I want to do this next month. So we'LL do some of that defensive Hello fits together. I would like to have a discussion on love partly because one of the things like when we first started this we've talked about making disciples and teaching them all the commands that I've given him When he said, What are those commandments there? All summed up on a little with God for your heart, your mind, your neighboring yourself, etcetera and Charlie, I think, was the one to say. So we're going to find love like yeah, later he's like, Why didn't you start out with that? That's what he was playing earlier this week because I wanted to underscore the need for our side chips. Hopefully, you've got that over the last five weeks. And then when we talk about proclaiming the gospel, clearly we need to be able to understand the gospel in such a way that we could proclaim it into a world that had a skewed view of love, as that's what we want to go next week. So you can anticipate that that conversation that will also allow us to pivot into the evangelism class so will be my desire that you would just continue in the evangelism class as a continuation of the disciple class. Here's how I believe that they fit together. I think that they are no same difference. They're evangelism, proclaiming the gospel to persuade. I think the cycling is proof, claiming the gospel to grow. And so that's how it was when we're together. So we talk about culture of the second ship. In my mind, I'm thinking of a culture of evangelism disciple. So we would make disciples and then they throw disciples to the point where they would make sites. So that way we'LL approach that in the next few weeks, so anticipate that so, uh, Jamie Miller, when you start our time praying, please nice and loud. No, learn what you say. You want to? No. Three. So. All right, So So, class on your hand Out. We have a second to chapter two. One two, seven. Go ahead and turn in. Your Bibles are open. Are look at your sheet of giving you some clues. What I would like to do today is open the discussion on this. So let's observe this together. So this is where you sit down and do a quiet time. We're going to approach Second Timothy chapter to where some of the things that we need to have in our mind as we approach this before we get into a contextual things that will help us understand what's going on. Yeah. Like Like who's this? Who's this written too was written by a last All right, but, you know Paul, who is disciple ing measuring Timothy. Timothy is a He's a pastor. He's a leader. Young guy. Okay. God, you guys So apparently, comparatively speaking. I mean, anything else along the lines that you know out there that might be pertinent to our discussion. Pastoral epistle from vault intimately, he gets into Chapter two. Anybody know about Chapter one? Is that what you say? That good? Just general thing was he talking about? First of the champion. You talked a little more apartments. Good. So that's the first letter, right? So this is the second letter that he's given intimidating. Just talking about. You got some stuff, but what you have you need to trust you to guard. But you have that on. Then he gets his chapter to just basically telling her what to do with all the stuff that he had. All the things that he knows and stuff, not meaning to belittle their gifts, that he hasn't cracked up, but to just simply say that God has given something's Paula's addressing that. Wait, Get chapped too and false as intimately says you then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that in Christ Jesus and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses in trust to Faithful Man will be able to teach. Others also stop there You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses and trusted faithful men, we'LL be able to teach others also in the context of articulation, class and all the things that we talked about. What is the significance of versus one, too? Maybe not significant, just kind of. What's the what's interesting about that? What's the the thrust of this? Right, Good. What do you say that? Explain it, saving these others? What else do we know about those those men that were giving, giving information to that where men could be translated men and women? So there's no there's no hard scholar Lee. Gymnastics. We need to go through to apply that to everybody so trusted. Faithful, faithful, man. Okay, so what does that mean about Tim? If you think that's what you're talking about liking for being faithful, right, be faithful, even Chapter one. So here's a faithful man. What's the faithful man going to do? Teach other kind of others faithful others what they do. Yeah, the same thing that Timothy's gonna teach or something different, something lesser Now the same thing's also write. Teach those things. Also, let me ask you this question that as we continue into the next few verses, this is easy. No. So in inverse one, what would be our first clue? That this isn't necessarily easy? Be strong. That harking back to anything else that we talked about maybe like wait one. Doesn't make you think of any other. No. Yeah, yeah, All authorities been given Tio who? Christ Saul authority in him. So because of that and he's going to be with us, we're supposed to go make the site so that here's Paul a similar vein. I'm not saying it's a direct, you know, it's not direct cross reference, but it's in a similar vein. We have Paul saying to tennis, to Timothy my child, he strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And then under that strengthening, you're supposed to do some stuff. In other words, you're supposed to take what you've heard from Paul and the presence of many. Trust that same stuff, too. Faithful men who will do the same first three. Moving on. Is this an easy day for timidity that expected? Do her hardship, sharing, suffering. Right, that surprise, you know. You're okay. So relationships are messing with All right. So Sharon and suffering was that Harry? People shared suffering as a good soldier of Jesus Christ of Christ. Jesus. Alright. So he puts it into this military. What's the significance of that? May be you that their camera. Any thoughts on that? No. Okay, so there's discipline. So you think of a good soldier discipline? Well, it seems like he's trying just a loose state left concept of pure devotion and loyalty. How you're referencing that Teo cycle cycle around. Soldiers take orders, get orders. They train their bodies. Your mind still accomplished specific purpose which would be to that country. When war take that city, it's etcetera. And the references that leave us do that in regard to Lori God, this one ourselves Pierre Autism speaks of the Christ. Correction. I mean, puts it drinking in into the realm of conflict. Right? War explicit. What's interesting is the way back through all of the passengers that we've even studied way see the life and death circumstances. All of those things were put into. And I say that's simply because this it's very easy for us to come in nine o'clock no coffee and kind of yourself and kind of go, Yeah, that's we need to learn more about the cycling. Oh, yeah, you know what? I wish there was more people here at the church that would learn these things and forget it that we are in a war, that what we are doing when Christ is Christ saves us. We snatches us from darkness, he stat. Snatching is from from a domain. He's putting us into a new kingdom. There's a fight, there's a fight at hand. And so we're talking about the cycling work, trying to figure out who we're supposed to disciple looks like for us to grow in love, all those kind of things. We need to have a sense that we are in something that is more than getting by. But it's actually fight What? So he says, Shared suffering and a good soldier of Christ Jesus. This is where Andrew is going at bankers that no soldier gets entangled into soup in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who has listed him. So they're enlisting into this army. There's there's civilian pursuits, which means that there is something in contrast to that, right? So we need to be just just generally we need to be thinking now. Okay, well, let me think through the pursuits of my life with a civilian or the military culture, it goes on. First five says Athlete does not crowned athlete is not crown, so it changes. The metaphor was significance of the change from a soldier to an athlete, do you think? He's trying to connect with a larger are going through the front door. Of course. Explain. Yes, that sounds good. Like I get that when he talks about an athlete and describes it more so. So. Weir audience. We have soldier. We have the kind of the with different pursuits of civilian verses, army pursuits and central switched athletes. Then Pam was saying that there's a prize that would be associated with that. Is that what all is looking for? Specifically? What kind of giving your hands on this? By the way, I broke it. That's right in other areas, but in this area specifically, that he's talking more. Following the clues. Competing appropriately, SOLDIER DOESn't HAVE TIME IN civilian PRISON Laughing from the last complete, I was thinking of the soldier as a group fighting to the little left passes. For now, that's good, good. You came back, too, to focus on what you heard. Or is it something you use? Soldiers, Athletes play by rules. He's bringing back a ways. Yeah, I agree so that there's an idea, though. There's rules here, right? There's a way that this is done. There might be a class and we need needed to be taught so that we would know what these rules are. Put it into the context of disciples. But the athlete, it doesn't get the reward unless he plays by those rules. In other words, there's no, there's no winning. There's no rules. So that's I think that's good. Is the hard working farmers. They changes to a third one? What specifically did you say there? At first. Yeah, me. I think they kind of lose themselves. Yeah, places you read what you saw that we're giving your car? Yeah, I don't think so. I think so. There is so so that athlete. We want to be crowned. The farmer wants the first fruits. It's it's something. This is something for us to desires such way. Want to win it right? And so that we would we would share in suffering to get that fry. It's one thing for us to say that we want to spread the joy of treasure in Christ and all of life. It's another thing to mean we wouldn't want a treasure Christ, and then treasure what Christ wants in such a way that we would share in the sufferings of Christ and we would be intentional about what we're doing. That's what we want to keep coming back to talk about disciple ng they want to have. This has gotta be some kind of, erm you know, there's gonna be some kind of instant us to get this to happen and just this sense of being entangled by civilian pursuit. So many things getting away with this of this growing desire. You see, people say people growing people be ending people holy so that we could actually reveal the creator God of the universe with the contacts that get us as we play by the rules that he established and they know that's the guy. The castle is news what guys done to make himself? No, it's all about his glory, and it's about us only in a small way, and that he invites us into his process of reviewing himself. So we get to share in the desire for his glory to such an extent that we would share in the sufferings as good soldiers, hardworking farmers You get a sense that lets God has recruited you and trained you that this easy work None of those are, you know, see success Unless they work. That's a hard work partner. So we want to be hard working, Desai pers. And you know that's anything on you. So, based on our discussion for the last fifteen minutes, how would you? Haven't you summarize the theme so far this morning? Attentional intentionality in the face off the face of hard work sacrifice. Great adversity is a result of all. Yeah, good with us. Yeah, we're continually leaning into Christ, right? That's when we're straight were strengthened with the purpose, revealing his wory by trust. I think that we have to trust it regardless of cost. That's that's the thing is that I have honestly other being transparent with you that as a pastoral ago, I think I have a bit wired in such a way as to really resonate. There's a passionate appeal to do something greater than myself. You know, just get all fired up. But honestly, be hesitant to call people that are not like minded, naturally, to the intensity, Christiana. To the intensity of what it looks like. Two Behold, open before God. That was history, and I'm giving you history. It's not now. Now I am. I desire to to teach about, to preach and to teach, to study all of those things with great desire to see passion, not just knowledge growth. So that's that's what this whole discussion is coming from me. So let's go together just once. Yeah, that is an indication here. Just athletes are proud. Get crowned with hard working farmer. What have first year crops is an indication that his crops, for a share of the unification of victory you live by the rules. Yeah. You worked hard. You get it, artist. Thank you. Building one not built of Yeah, yeah, yeah, I would say yes. Absolutely. But I'm trying to address and not very clearly on that. Is that if we do not see the victory as worthy of pursuing that the first sign of trouble, we will. We won't do what it takes to win. We're here. We're here and reveal that. What's the wind? I almost told you right there. That's the way All the things that reveal you got dark now. Oh, right. It's time to reach in. I didn't ask for that. One person. Buy out one, understand one. You. So you say that in there for you, those actually reach the different aspects of what is not so much like, well, like different perspectives and angles on the same thing. Same thing. I'm good. No, From that page over. So speech to hand out. Here's our working definition. Well, kind of break this down a little bit more next week Working definition sideways for this book, helping others to follow Jesus Another way we could define the cycling might be recycling is deliberately doing spiritually good someone so that he or she will be more like Christ. Discipleship is the term I used to describe our home following Christ to cycling is a subset of that which is helping someone else follow pressed The courage in life is the site of light disciple in life we live others best by helping them to follow Jesus down the pathway of life. You know, I was talking about that right now. Take a look at that again. Wait. And this is kind of you. You for how Don's classes will be taking the right track. So I just got here working definition of recycling for this book, helping others to follow. Jesus, we like that. Okay, uh where is it? Strong Jesus. Mark. The others follow Jesus. Follow. Follow Jesus. Yeah, I think that strong volunteers that's actually what it means to make disciples followers or something. Let's go to the next part. Where says the way we could define excitement might be disciple. It's deliberately doing spiritually good to some, but to someone so that he or she will be more like Christ. Recycling is deliberately doing spiritually good to someone so that he or she will be more like Christ like that. Jamie doesn't like that. Teresa likes it. Andrew likes it like this. Spiritual good. Okay. Why do you like the spiritually good about that? Not necessarily way. Should do good to our neighbor with contacts off help. Intentionally. So when you so we say spiritual. Good morning thinking. Teacher. Understanding What were Just understand. Where are you? This is a ministry Councillor. Make of that a visit from word. I think the line to find itself what's crucial goodies. How that person Christ just really broad. Yeah, except person cries Strange. Okay, which includes the practical. That's for starters, scares a lot of property. Little Crown Street. What? Who burned the word spiritually? That sense of fire you because we have this incredibly false dichotomy. Our existence between cortical, secular and quote unquote spiritual. Good. And there's some magical category. Spiritually, we should do people. That's not just good. So I surf break down that wall. Why not put your spiritual good? Fair enough, actually. It's an ambiguous term. I just I don't for me this much. Which is missing. That's what I'm. That's what I'm asking. I want you. I don't want to just put this up there every week and then you go, This is gonna memorize it. I want to evaluate this. I think I think the book's follows that. And he he kind of expound on that idea. Very helpful way. But I would say not a necessarily targeted way. Some are leading way more comprehensive, possibly possibly. At least not where I'm. I'm taking it. Over the last few weeks. You don't have to work spiritually. You could be some. So could cost, I think. Oh, wow. Which would be good, but with necessarily make like cops. Madge is right direction. You're being too good. Alicia's name. Yeah. Now, now, now we're hitting the difficulty of making definitions. Yeah, that's what I think. Spiritualism, actually. Good word. Stick it and use it The way we think of it, that's what I want. Uh, wait. Because if we look at this way, say, we want someone to be more like Crest. He connects that with helping others to follow. Christ, What does it mean to be more like Christ? For my world To the perfect girl For Holi. To what purpose? Walk to perfect love God, yeah. You're very thinking about Santa. Yeah, I think. But then also. Yeah. Check. I need that work was in here, depending. On who? Your disciple. We go back to what we learned last week were decidedly church. And so just to be good for them should help there Pursuit of Christ because they see you. Because I started looking at this as well, talking and just do a good neighbor. That's not cycling is We've been discussing so far because you've been discussing that disciple. Our people were just disciple. They are members of your church. So that if you want it to fall into this definition Yeah. Just yeah, going Mary. It's too late. What is good for people that I work with? A little girl. Okay, so? So if Matthew our bronze age twenty eight numbers What? That same day? Twenty eight looking up. There was no yeah, between Romans eight twenty eight. Whole thing called Every users get a lot of homeless going good region. You know that God causes things to work, all things working out. Forget those those who are called. Yeah, context in this. He's suffering context. Here are all things together on the old good thing, girl that things are all things, all things, all things good and bad things. So okay, he's gonna work inside there. There's energy. There's there's intentionality that we know that the creator God university, working these things out. He's working them out for good. Any clue first? Twenty nine. What is good? Do you mind being part of it, right? For me before. For now, he also predestined become informed that you might be the first point. So. So how has God working all things for good? So that we would like it? So there are bound to be better that way. Are our friends wouldn't die? What's good? Yeah, you're gonna take all of these circumstances in our life. And if we love him, then he's gonna work that out for our good. What he means by that is going to conform us into the image of a son. Jesus Christ. Hey, man. Woman guard. He stepped back and said, This is very good. That's good. That's what good is it? So when we talk about Christ in flesh being perfect, it's God where in his image and we are going through these, these sufferings fires are on our diagram. You're becoming more and more like Christ. That's what's good. Think about that. That's what's good, so we're deliberately doing spiritually good. Were deliberately acting in such a way that we would see others more like crushed doesn't test that yet. That's what I want to be laser focused so that I'm gonna ask you this question. I'm gonna ask you to get your pencils out and write on your paper. Three potential names of people that you might want to start a disciple in a relationship with three. I didn't say ten. Just said three as they want. You said three. And I said potentially and I said, Might I want you to think about them in terms of what we're talking about right now. Did you get there? I developed a relationship with you. Have a relationship with already where you might be able to put these principles in place. So in the book where you think it through, those things never gives us, um some fast. This is really I included this this week after talking to Terry last week. Just she's already thinking through these things, and she said it was helpful to go through these things. But he says he says, Start first of all, start out with looking at your family Any quotes first, seventy five a day. If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of this household, he's denied the faith and is worse than unbeliever. But is that your parents? Well, and these air general principles, I was, I would have always seen the first time in three three five in terms of like providing financially for etcetera. And this point here is, though, that in Scripture family matters. And I would say that that would be our first primary. Yeah, kids, brother sisters by that hard, fast rule. Awful friends. Spirituals state first principles to natural person does not accept the things of spirit God for their following him. And he is not able to understand them because they're spiritually discerned. But we're talking about here. OK, so if you've got somebody who knows Price, you're going to proclaim a gospel so that they what? Yeah, the grow. They don't know. Christ, you're going to explain the gospel so that they will be persuaded. So that would be That would be We're going to come back to this little bit as we identify those three. We've got three so far past you right down. You should fire it out three. You have three? Yeah. Can you get three? Good. So I want you started. Think about those three in terms of like, who do I know what It's a proximity? Where they at spiritually right? Went through that old that will nonbeliever infant child young believers Berto parent. Then we read that article on what they might need last up. Bring all that back in Now, as we go through this church membership, remember that your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God, consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Obey your leaders and submit to them for their keeping. Watching your souls of those who will have to give an account, let them do this with joy, Not with growing for that when we have no advantage to you gives us this passage. He's just talking about how God has structured the church. And it's like we talked about last week that within the church would be Wait, have a sense. This is where people are being form in the image of Christ within the context of the church, Tender says. Scripture sensitive matters of gender and recycling, says those Titus older women are teach what is good and so train. The young women love their husbands and children to be self control. You're working at home kind and submissive to their husbands that the word of God may not be reviled. There's an older teaching younger. I'm sorry men teaching men who have been teaching women. Five age to marry an older man but encouraged as you would have fathered undermanned brothers, there is a there is a pecking order is based upon age. There's honor all of those kind of things. So you need to consider those things who's different from you. Number six. A great multitude that no one could number from every nation. All tribes and people's language is perfectly together before God's throne. Worship revelations, Chapter seven. So looking for into the future, we see all this diversity coming in, and so we have to do. Not shy away from those who are different from us. We're looking for teach ability. Likewise. You who are younger be subject to the elders. Pull yourselves all of you with humility towards one another. For God opposes the proud against Grace to the humble. Teach ability. So I've been told yes, that kid from the football team, you got trouble getting called Friday, saying, My door's wide open love to to site one enjoy. Just do it in the context of little church, my church. And so I said So I want from you is I want a I want a text. Here now, man. Oh, man, don't do this or not in Texas. Teacher kid, Pray for the kid. Don't pursue it. So that's a that's a good look. Summary of liver. It's full of people. Let's say there's a younger dude like your church. You know you want to decipher. So you say Okay, so if you have a pursuit, you just accept the offer like you want to do. This is we now know Thanks. So he just doesn't respond that you're happy. Hey, it's a pregnant words of these principles. I have a good explanation on that. One are good, you know, story inside. I shared it, but that's nuanced. So if it's my side, Jake, that's a little bit difference. Is Spanish and my son on a relationship with him? It's different than I had wished ship with somebody else. It would be different. Generals. Yeah, absolutely, Absolutely. I would say so, compensates Shakti Mills. Charming is somebody that I have a disciple relationship with, right? And, uh, she's so it's like, you know, we have to be careful because she's like my daughter. She's like family to me. But just because she's a girl doesn't mean that I'm not going to do those just so it's the same. Yeah, it's all these things kind of get just We're just trying to give parameters and thoughts and howto I value. But so So let's go with this teach ability thing again. So So there's a member Grace Church. They have expressed a desire to be disciple and so make yourself available and all they wanna do is get together one on one, and they won't necessarily make it sunny ones. They want us to make it to a men's or women's night or, you know, or a community group all the other things that have going on. So how do you evaluate that member of the church Male Younger, New believer? How Teach war. Well, our perspective. Make those changes probably what? Yeah, so? So there's someone I want what I want to know. If you'Ll come to no store, I'm gonna get together with you. Right? But if all they want to do is get together one, one, one, one, one, one, one one. And I can't get him to see the importance of coming to values like son right there. That's not They don't see that as part of the cycling rolling process, but that's how it goes. All right, So you have children, if you will. Well, what do you expect from children? Well, sometimes they're going be good world. And sometimes we're gonna be in a bad mood. Sometimes they're going to obey, and sometimes they're not gonna hold a So these are I'm just saying these are black and white things. That's when you just have to be discerning on where you spend your time. I will tell you that if somebody is, uh, you may not know a thing, but if they have proven there there, bust their back to be where God's word is aware that people are that I will bend over backwards to me and that that my home personal desires has to go down as their personal desire is not true. Not because I care. Not because I think that time what they would help. At some point, priority has to have same thing for you. Yes, got it faithful to teach others just like we were talking about today, too. And then proximity and schedules. So then, as we have opportunity, let's do good to everyone, especially to those who are the household faith patients. Five make good use of your time. All right? So just because we're putting this into into the realm of a military conflict, if you will were even though we're seeing this stuff matters, that doesn't mean that we need to be running around. And, uh, the wise with our time trying Teo to engage with people just are just hard to connect with because of real things of life. So So you do that list What other considerations? As you're thinking about your people on your list, what other things do you need to evaluate? In addition to these things, that's a big one. It is. Is it a consistency and reliability? Because I like church, he be a great man of God, But you kind of playing, playing And so he is really passionate, like involves So yeah, you want we'Ll say that somebody that, like you know why I stopped you? Because he was, like, two strip or whatever so that you talked to the casting. So thank you, Daniel Impeachability. That's right. But I mean exactly right now just put that kind of thing. I want to be that. Okay, so you're teachable. Obviously, I understand that You think that committed to that teach abilities? Yeah. Yes. So we're about ten minutes. Five minutes, actually. So what I think we need to do Look at this list meeting to consider. So you have how I'm doing this. Where my my teacher I am. I am I somebody that is worthy of being imported too. Where when I look at the look at the growth scale and I started putting those categories And where my my my infant, my child, my young young adults, my spiritual parents Where am I in that? One of the things that I'll come back to you next week is I want to talk about love in the context of head, heart, hands you see for us to understand love way. Need to understand mine, right? We need We need to have affection, heart, and that's gonna spill out into obedience of holiness hands. Where am I? I know a lot of things, but not have a lot of affection. So I'm not growing. My Holiness may be obeying a lot of things with that. The affection of the heart. Because I don't understand some stuff. Where am I? In this process you need to be just thinking about, okay. We're always gonna act. Yeah. Sometimes I wonder if it gets on because I have a child. You don't say it that way, but she might as well. He looked at me that way. That's acting like a cellular where we care to rise. But in our groups, we need to know where we are. When we do that, we know then what we have we know what we need. Then we're gonna take that same grid. We're gonna be able to apply it to people on my list. Three people on your list. Where? That Yeah. What is an effort? His milk right now needs basics. These have a basic understanding, and I'm going tree an infant differently that I'm gonna treat the child. I'm going way. We're willing to feed the infant to make the phone, feed the food. Limited food. You are a child. What is a child? What should I expect from a child? Don't expect that that will we get together? That we're gonna We're gonna open up a sleazy ass. And and then, you know, Creator, create a whole notebook of things that they could teach the next week. Is that what I'm going to do with the child? Not just glad the child showed up to stop Bubs at nine. When I said eight. Thirty, You know, I mean, this is that is that this fits that kind of thing, right? So you're looking to your evaluation if you know if it if someone's a young adult, Were they any different? Any different challenges? Training to be questioned different. They need to be challenged a little bit more so you know, I see where you're going with that. Maybe that's where it should go. Try? What do you think about this? Is a different approach to that spiritually adult. I need something completely different Spiritually made me more encouragement. I mean, I would say I would say I messed up with Jamie um, spot. But Jamie is a spiritual adult. Characterizes spiritually sometimes conversations like Where'd that come from? Spiritually. Bill. That's more like that. You have built slash Chop this thing, right? Just you've showed up now. I mean, but that's the case. What does she need that I need to do? Anything? This is where she's at, and I'LL tell you what. She understands what it means to decide. She changes people. She pursues people. And guess what those children and those infants letter now discouraged. So I did. I get to give her what she needs, which is encouraging were great philosophical and theological discussions. That's what she needs that and so do I. Point being that treat her differently than I am to be the person that comes up and says, Hey, teach being where Genesis is, that's exciting. It's exciting as well. I was talking to a guy brand new believer, just going through stuff in his left, just incredibly physical thing's brand new Believer doesn't know anything. You read much guess what an infant nor markets and so am I. Yeah, And then I give this infant a Bible, and he's so excited to do this. Now, what are these disables? Does that mean completely different composition? But they're on the suspect. Okay, so if you have those three, you may be thinking in terms of where their spirit, my spiritually Why? But you gotta have me do. Right. We're going to push this to the practical. That's what I'm trying to do. Well, we'Ll bring all this stuff together. We'LL get with the diagram out walked through all that. I want you to have these people in line. What's the one thing that I have not talked about? If we're going to be strengthened into the grace of God, you approach these three people you evaluate, you think about, what would it take for me to create a disciple relationship waiting to do pray? Pray? Yeah, this is a spiritual thing. It's a spiritual thing. And you know what? If we're not careful, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna try to disciple people, move them along the line of being more like Christ, increasing love and understanding what that means that we're gonna do it without spirit, as if we could change the right thing. We could do the right thing way kind of motivates them through the flesh and honestly, that is what Desai plane is daunting. I say this as we cross my guess that the majority in the Western Christian culture discipleship there's something that you do by the power of flesh power. Just about that next week too. You're looking to push back. Have those three people on your mind and thank you for this morning. Thank you for your your word. How it informs the passions of her heart. I just ask that you make us this really people who I'm willing to suffer and our so clear on what the prize is, what it means to win that we are. We will not shrink back from things Get in our way. We'Ll come those who would let us do that by your power for your lord. Praying Lord that way would, uh, this would characterize Grace Church and ordered to use us to make disciples here. You would use us too. Grow strong, healthy so that we light the light of truth juice.
Jamie Self

Jamie has served in full-time ministry since 1999. He loves serving Christ, discipling men and eating smoked beast. He is proud to be married to his beautiful, godly wife Andrea and enjoys spending time with his two adult children, Makenzie and JJ.

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