Make no boast in the flesh

Bad boasting is Self-Glorifying

The gospel is inside-out: an inner change of heart that leads to a new motivation for a new conduct of behavior. They are outside-out: focusing on behavior, never dealing with the heart, and always remaining superficial. – Tim Keller

Bad boasting is Rule-Glorifying

Make your only boast in the cross

What does Paul mean, “Boast only in the cross?” He means that, for the Christian, all other boasting, should also be a boasting in the cross. All exultation in anything else should be exultation in the cross. If you exult in the hope of glory you should be exulting in the cross of Christ. If you exult in tribulation because tribulation works hope, you should be exulting in the cross of Christ. If you exult in your weaknesses, or in the people of God, you should be exulting in the cross of Christ. Why is this the case? When Christ died, he purchased for sinners everything they enjoy that is not a part of their condemnation. We are sinners all. The only thing that everyone deserves is damnation. That’s all we deserve. Therefore, every beat of your heart, every sight with a wholesome eye, every word sung to the Lord, every movement with a strong arm, every step taken with healthy legs, every word heard with a healthy ear drum, every friend at your side, every word you can read, every joy that springs in your heart, is a blood bought gift which you would not have had he not died. Therefore, if you boast in one of these things, if you glory if you have eyes, glory that you have ears, glory that you have hands, glory that you have friends, it is if you are thinking rightly a glorying and boasting in the cross because he bought them for you on the cross. Let every legitimate pleasure and every pain that God turns for your good become an occasion for glorying in the cross by which they were purchased for you. – John Piper

Chris Daukas

Chris grew up with a loving family and in a moral home, but despite his upbringing, he was a sinner in need of grace. In his sophomore year of college, Chris yielded his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He began to devour the Word and was soon helping to lead bible studies, outreaches, and worship at church. He married his beautiful wife, Tara, in the summer of 2000.

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