1. The Pain of the People

2 When the house of David was told, “Syria is in league with Ephraim,” the heart of Ahaz and the heart of his people shook as the trees of the forest shake before the wind. — Isaiah 7:2 (ESV)

5 The Lord spoke to me again: 6 “Because this people has refused the waters of Shiloah that flow gently, and rejoice over Rezin and the son of Remaliah, 7 therefore, behold, the Lord is bringing up against them the waters of the River, mighty and many, the king of Assyria and all his glory. And it will rise over all its channels and go over all its banks, 8 and it will sweep on into Judah, it will overflow and pass on, reaching even to the neck, and its outspread wings will fill the breadth of your land, O Immanuel.” — Isaiah 8:5-8 (ESV)

11 For the Lord spoke thus to me with his strong hand upon me, and warned me not to walk in the way of this people, saying: 12 “Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread. 13 But the Lord of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. 14 And he will become a sanctuary and a stone of offense and a rock of stumbling to both houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 15 And many shall stumble on it. They shall fall and be broken; they shall be snared and taken.” — Isaiah 8:11-15 (ESV)

16 Bind up the testimony; seal the teaching among my disciples. 17 I will wait for the Lord, who is hiding his face from the house of Jacob, and I will hope in him. 18 Behold, I and the children whom the Lord has given me are signs and portents in Israel from the Lord of hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion. 19 And when they say to you, “Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,” should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living? 20 To the teaching and to the testimony! If they will not speak according to this word, it is because they have no dawn. 21 They will pass through the land, greatly distressed and hungry. And when they are hungry, they will be enraged and will speak contemptuously against their king and their God, and turn their faces upward. 22 And they will look to the earth, but behold, distress and darkness, the gloom of anguish. And they will be thrust into thick darkness. — Isaiah 8:16-22 (ESV)

2. The Hope of the Nation and the World

9  But there will be no gloom for her who was in anguish. In the former time he brought into contempt the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, but in the latter time he has made glorious the way of the sea, the land beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations. — Isaiah 9:1 (ESV)

The Hope of a Bright Future

2 The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone. — Isaiah 9:2 (ESV)

The Hope of Future Joy

3 	You have multiplied the nation;  you have increased its joy; 
	they rejoice before you  as with joy at the harvest,  as they are glad when they divide the spoil.  — Isaiah 9:3 (ESV)

The Hope of Oppression Lifted

4 	For the yoke of his burden,  and the staff for his shoulder,  the rod of his oppressor,  you have broken as on the day of Midian.  — Isaiah 9:4 (ESV)

The Hope for Peace

5 	For every boot of the tramping warrior in battle tumult  and every garment rolled in blood  will be burned as fuel for the fire.  — Isaiah 9:5 (ESV)

The Hope Rests on a Child and his Rule

6  For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 7  Of the increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from this time forth and forevermore. — Isaiah 9:6-7 (ESV)

14 Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” — Isaiah 7:14 (ESV)

Isaiah foresaw that the Messiah would be the incarnation of the Creator himself, the Mighty God who is the author of all that was, is, and is to come. — R.C. Sproul

12 Now when he heard that John had been arrested, he withdrew into Galilee. 13 And leaving Nazareth he went and lived in Capernaum by the sea, in the territory of Zebulun and Naphtali, 14 so that what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled: 15  “The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles— 16  the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.” — Matthew 4:12-16 (ESV)

7 	Of the increase of his government and of peace  there will be no end, 
	on the throne of David and over his kingdom,  to establish it and to uphold it 
	with justice and with righteousness  from this time forth and forevermore.  — Isaiah 9:6-7 (ESV)

Moreover, the Lord declares to you that the Lord will make you a house. 12 When your days are fulfilled and you lie down with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring after you, who shall come from your body, and I will establish his kingdom. 13 He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever.

16 And your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me. Your throne shall be established forever.’ ” 17 In accordance with all these words, and in accordance with all this vision, Nathan spoke to David. — 2 Samuel 7:11-13, 16-17 (ESV)


  • Because God is zealous for salvation, you can turn to Christ again today for forgiveness.
  • Because God keeps His promises, you can wait and not hate but wait with hope.
  • Because God has not completed His work, you can long for His return.

3 waiting for our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, — Titus 1:3 (ESV)

Chris Daukas

Chris grew up with a loving family and in a moral home, but despite his upbringing, he was a sinner in need of grace. In his sophomore year of college, Chris yielded his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He began to devour the Word and was soon helping to lead bible studies, outreaches, and worship at church. He married his beautiful wife, Tara, in the summer of 2000.

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